Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 52 - A Short Break

Monday afternoon was our annual open house so we got up and out to Stop & Shop first thing on Monday. Since it was the first time Hanukkah and Christmas coincided since I've been Christmasing in RI, we were making potato latkes for the open house so had lots of prep work that morning. After peeling 15 pounds of potatoes and 4 pounds of parsnips, we prepped the 2 batches of latke batter and then started putting together the cookie platters and other treats. We were starting later than usual - 3:00 - and Carolyn planned to start frying when people started arriving. She had 2 frying pans on the stove but when she went downstairs for the electric frying pan, she came up empty handed, remembering she'd thrown it away after the last time she'd made latkes because it did such a crap job. Sharyn had just arrived when I grabbed her and we headed out to buy a new one, failing at Benny's so we had to brave Wal-Mart the day after Christmas. At least we found one.

The latkes were delicious and a big hit. More of Carolyn's friends came this year than most and with all my friends too, I had plenty of fun chatting and eating. Is there anything better in life? Only if it's got knitting too maybe. I didn't pick my seat wisely so ended up blocked in at the end of the table and didn't mingle as much as I would have liked but it was all good. Carolyn's friend Beth had helped her with the frying and then was a machine at clean up, which she said she enjoys. I thanked her profusely for doing my clean up work and headed out to drive Sharyn home. Christmas was officially over and had been a big successful, even with my behind the wheel puke fest. Monday was my last night in RI so it was a ridiculously short trip. I went to bed feeling satisfied though and was looking forward to being home for 6 days.

With a nearly empty suitcase to fill, Carolyn and I headed to Job Lot first thing on Tuesday morning. I found plenty of things to take home and was packed within minutes once we got home. It was cleaning day for Carolyn so I'd arranged for Cornelia to pick me up for lunch and airport drop off. She'd gone to Florida for Christmas so I hadn't seen her yet. As always, it was great to have some Cornelia face time. We went back to The Crow's Nest for more fried clams and when we had time to kill, we headed to the water, sitting in the parking lot in Potowomut overlooking the bay and chatting for more than an hour. Here's a pic of a very classy older lady who had the same idea. What's not to like about this view? One of the things Corn and I talked about was me coming back to RI in the summer once I retire. Now that's ten years away but it's the first time I've ever considered that. The words coming out of my mouth surprised me and I'll have to give this more thought. Anyway, she dropped me at the airport and despite not getting pre-check, I sailed right through the lines and was at the gate with plenty of time. I was not changing planes in Chicago so chose my seat wisely since I'd be in it for a long time. They did let us off in Chicago so I was able to use a real bathroom and get some frozen yogurt but still get back on the plane before general boarding. Nice. It was another ueventful flight and drive home. I was in  my house just after 11:00 p.m. and had six days at home. Yay!

I spent Wednesday and Thursday unpacking, putting things away and knitting. It felt great to be home. I am actually looking forward to the six weeks I'll be home post-surgery even knowing I'll be in pain. I just love being in my house during the day and being able to do whatever I want when I want. Holiday break must be what retirement feels like and I'm ready. Ten more years seems like a long time but I'll make it.

Other than brief forays to run errands, I didn't leave the house much until Friday, when Lorri and I headed to Lauritzen Gardens. We ate lunch in their cafe and then explored their poinsettia display and their new glass houses, which I hadn't seen yet. It was a lovely interlude in the dead of winter and makes me think I should buy a membership and go more often. From there we shopped our way home - Stoysich House of Sausage, Personal Threads (the yarn store where I bought too much sock yarn) and Aldi for milk and a few groceries. It was a lovely afternoon hanging with a great friend.

I had floors to sweep, counters to clear and chairs to set up. I filled a 3 tier stand with all kinds of goodies from my stocking and presents, put out 2 kinds of cheese and made a blueberry cake to go with the pots and pots of tea. There were 8 of us and we had a nice time eating, knitting and chatting. It's a wonderful way to start the new year. Happy New Year!

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