Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 2 - Ups and Downs

I started the week off with hope that the benefits director would hear back from Blue Cross and I’d get my MRI. Well, that didn’t happen. By the end of the day Monday, I’d heard that no exception could be made so I scheduled 2 PT sessions starting Wednesday at 7:00 am. If PT was required, I’d go to PT. Hoops? Yup, I’ll jump through them. Whatever it takes. The inability to sleep well is the true problem but lidocaine patches were still saving my butt on that front.

Monday also saw the last of the monthly reporting meetings and no one had signed up for my portal reporting class so I got to cancel that. My shoulder might be a mess but things were looking up at work. And I’d started a rotation so was eating healthy and felt better about that. I’m hoping to lose 20 pounds before my knee surgery. I’m trying to focus on what I can fix since I’m at the mercy of Blue Cross on my shoulder pain.

Wahoo was covered with a sheet of ice on Wednesday when I left the house for my first PT session. I couldn’t get up the slight hill on my street, ending up fishtailing into my neighbor’s driveway. I turned around and went down the hill and was able to get to PT, which wasn’t bad. As promised, they were being very low key so my session consisted of ultrasound (always soothing), massage (nothing wrong with that) then ice. It was more of the same Friday morning but this time I was out in the main room and had to suffer through Fox and Friends for the entire hour. I complained to anyone who would listen to no avail.

Friday night I did something that felt SO wrong - I cleaned out my locker at the pool. They'd told me at PT not to do anything that would hurt my shoulder, so I figured swimming was out. I've been going to water aerobics for ten years and the support is as important as the exercise. Maybe more. But I'd done the math and if I couldn't swim in January and had two, hopefully, surgeries on the horizon, I felt like it was time to quit and start up again in the summer. I cleaned out my locker and headed out, feeling dejected. 

There was an ice storm looming that would strand the entire Midwest inside over the long weekend but as the storm got closer, Nebraska was getting a reprieve. The ice wouldn’t start until overnight Saturday. With that in mind, the Monday Night Knitters got together Saturday afternoon at the new coffee shop in Wahoo and knitted the afternoon away. I then got busy that night and finished most of my chores. After a lovely and productive day, I put on a patch and slept for 10.5 hours! I haven’t slept that long in ages. Clearly I needed it.

By Sunday morning the world was iced over. The weather people said there wouldn’t be much wind so there was little chance of power outages so I blissfully knitted all day Sunday, making a headband for my cubie mate Lana with deliciously soft merino yarn. And it looked like Monday would be more of the same. No problem in my book so I went to bed Sunday happy and content. All good. Except the MRI thing but I’ll live. And try to be patient cuz I’m SO good at that. Ha!

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