Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week 8 - Sick and Tired

There isn’t much to say about this week. I was sick enough to call in on what would have been my first day back to work after my cruise and although I was back at work on Tuesday, I was barely holding on. I was completely medicated – Claritin D, Mucinex and Flonase – and was still a mess. I made it through work every day only to go home and struggle to stay awake for even a couple of hours. I got absolutely nothing done except for going to work, unless you count the single load of laundry I did because I needed clean undies. And since swimming wasn’t an option, I got a haircut on Thursday. That’s it. So, not my most productive week.

I was on the mend by the weekend. I did some food shopping before heading home to Wahoo. Other than doing a bank deposit for Friends of the Library on Saturday, I had no obligations nor plans. I was feeling completely disconnected from the world so stopped at Andrea’s shop after I did the deposit for a good, long chat and then had some catch up phone calls over the weekend. I briefly considered driving to Fremont or Omaha on Sunday but opted instead to stay in and do some cooking and baking – brownies, cabbage casserole, a loaf of whole wheat bread and apple crisp. I did venture out to drop a big bag of scraps for Lori’s chickens, recycle and stop at the market for ice cream for my apple crisp. It was a nice day to end a somewhat lost week.

With my cold in its final stages, I have grand plans for a normal week full of friends, swimming and productivity.

Week 7 - Cruising the Caribbean

The first two days were ship days. Since we’d already explored, we headed right up to the Serenity Spa for a day of relaxing in the shade. I knitted and Connie read. After awhile, we look some laps around the ship on the Promenade deck and hung out on some loungers with a cute couple from Tennessee who were on their honeymoon – Jaime and Josh. Dinner was back in the main dining room. Tuesday was pretty much more of the same except we ended with going to the comedy club with Connie’s niece and her fiancĂ©. By this point I was ready to get off the ship and we’d booked some excursions for the 3 port days so had some fun stuff in store.

Wednesday was Jamaica and we’d booked an all inclusive beach day at a local resort called Secrets. It was only 5 minutes from the port and was absolutely lovely. After hearing the thrilling news that they had wifi, Connie and I found the perfect chairs under both a palm cabana and palm trees, thereby ensuring us shade all day. A lovely British couple sat next to us so it was fun chatting with them. Servers brought us drinks (free) so I had 3 – 2 Miami Vices (half pina colada and half strawberry daiquiri) and 1 mojita. Delicious! We had fish tacos in the restaurant but the best part of the day was getting online. I HATED not being connected so happily sent emails, updated facebook and checked in on Ravelry. Nirvana! I was determined to swim so dutifully walked over to the roped off area and swam. The only problem was the steep, rocky part you had to get over to get out. It was right were the waves broke and I just could not get my feet under me before the waves would knock me down. Connie, who hadn’t gotten in, tried to help me only to be pulled in too. Now that’s a good friend! We both floundered around for awhile before being rescued by two burley men who hauled us out. I can only hope no one had a camera because two middle aged woman laughing hysterically in a food of roiling water would have been a treat I’m sure. Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Wednesday was Grand Cayman. We’d booked a private excursion with the travel agent so most of the 50 people she’d booked were heading for Captain Bob’s boat for a Stingray City/snorkeling adventure. The stingrays were amazing! The boat takes you about 30 minutes from shore to a big sandbar where there water is not even waste high and the stingrays congregate there. Centuries ago, fisherman used to clean their catches there so the stingrays went for the food and are still going there. Now it’s tourists feeding them and they’re completely familiar with humans and swim right up to you, brushing along your legs as they go by. Captain Bob picked one up and you could touch it, kiss it and get a stingray massage. Definitely something new and exciting! From there the boat went to 2 snorkeling spots at reefs – one with just coral and the other with lots of gorgeous fish. I love snorkeling – seeing so clearly and being in a world of your own. Totally enjoyable. We got a restaurant recommendation from Captain Bob and enjoyed a delicious fish lunch when we were done. I finally got to taste Wahoo, which I’d known was a fish but had never seen on a menu. Yum. Connie shopped a bit while I sat on a bench. By the time we got back to the ship, I had the chills. Now I’d been out in the sun all day but with sunblock on and didn’t appear to have a burn so it could have been too much sun or the little cough I’d had for a couple of days (lots of people on the ship had a dry cough) was turning into something. No way to be sure but after failing to muster any appetite for dinner, I opted to go back to the room and had the light turned off by 8:20. I clearly needed some extra sleep.

Friday was Cozumel and we’d originally scheduled a 7 hour Mayan ruins tour on the mainland, which included a 45 minute ferry ride followed by a bus ride to get to the ruins. We’d wised up and exchanged our tickets (nice that the Guest Services people gave us no grief even though it was cheaper) for a shorter one on the island so left for that Friday morning. We had a wonderful tour guide and I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 hour tour, which included ruins of a Mayan fertility site and a bus ride around the island that stopped at a beautiful beach on undeveloped side where we had some fresh guacamole and chips and Connie got to buy her conch shell. I was dragging a bit on the 1 mile walk through the jungle to one of the ruins butit was all good. That night was another cruise elegant night so we headed back for showers and dressing. They didn’t have lobster but the pasta I ordered was yummy. The next day was our last day.

I don’t know if it was the direction change or the weather but Friday night was the roughest night we’d had. It wasn’t bad but I did wake up many times during the night noticing the rocking. Saturday was COLD. I had hoped for a relaxing day at the Serenity Spa but being at the top front of the boat, it was way too windy. Jaime, Josh and I found the warmest spot we could find in the sun on Deck 5 but when we lost the sun, it was too cold to stay. We went to the buffet for lunch (I had 3 bites of a hotdog and stopped but did enjoy some chocolate from the Valentine’s Day dessert spread) but then split up. Connie was back in the room because she was feeling crappy so I went to check on her and ended up spending the rest of the day there watching Seinfeld and Friends reruns, which was fine. I was over the cruise and counting the minutes until we could get off the ship. We packed our bags before dinner so we could put them out for the porters to take and enjoyed our last meal with our dinner mates. I was so ready to go!

After breakfast Sunday, we headed to a lounge to wait for our debarkation numbers to be called. It was as organized as the front end and we were on the bus to the airport. I was dismayed by the hundreds of people waiting in line to check bags at Southwest but was assured I’d make my flight, which I did with only minutes to spare. I felt pretty bad at this point and was congested despite being fully medicated with Claritin D and Mucinex. Then the wifi was down on the first flight so I had less to distract me. At least I was on the way home. The 2nd flight was delayed but flew by as I watched TV on my ipad. My left ear absolutely wouldn’t clear though and by the time I landed, I couldn’t hear much at all and my ear was killing me. Only when I got to my car and was sitting with it running, did blowing my nose work. There was pain and a screeching noise in my left ear that left my equilibrium out of whack but after clutching the steering wheel for a few minutes, it’s equalized. I headed towards home at 5:30, which was when I’d hoped to be in my house but still. After a stop at the market for fried chicken and cole slaw for dinner, I happily walked into my house. My cold was full blown by then but I unpacked like a zombie because I was determined to go to work on Monday. The cruise was over and it was time for a return to normal life, which I ridiculously happy about.

So cruising is clearly not my cup of tea. I’m glad I tried it but know that was both my first and last cruise. I guess I wouldn’t rule out something more refined like a Viking River Cruise or transatlantic on a kinder gentler cruise line but Carnival will ABSOLUTELY NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. I’m ready for Scotland in 2016 now. It’s gonna be a long wait.

Week 6 - Headed to NOLA

What’s not to like about a week that starts with a snow day and ends in the Caribbean? Nothing!

Since I’d known UNL was off before I went to bed Sunday night, I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in on Monday and then having a lazy day of knitting in the sun while the winds blew the snow around. Not enough to need to reshovel, which was nice. The day ended with knitting at the library while we ate caramel corn and I got some fun birthday gifts from Andrea. What a perfect start to the week!

Tuesday was a busy but fun day. It started with birthday gifts from friends, soup food day for lunch, my super yummy Funny Bones birthday treats and monthly reports to make the day go quickly. I would be going home to a clean house too. It was time to start thinking about packing but I spent the night knitting and watching TV instead. Go figure. Since there was another storm that would make the morning drive on Wednesday a nightmare, I did something I rarely do and worked from home. I did all my monthly emails and was done by 1:00, by which time the snow had stopped and the sun was out. After a brief stint of shoveling, I headed to work. The reason I went in at all was the water aerobics gang was going out for dinner at Dempsey’s after swimming and I didn’t want to miss it. We had a great time with yummy food – Guinness with burgers and truffle fries. Only when I went to leave, my car was stuck. It took 2 passersby and 3 men from the bar to push my Honda out from the curb. Winter in Nebraska.

Thursday was go time for packing, which I done nothing about, not even made a real  list and I had laundry yet to do. I was actually more concerned than usual about packing because my usual mantra of “I’m not going to Zimbabwe so I’ll buy anything I forget!” wouldn’t work on the boat so I felt pressured to remember absolutely everything. I spent the evening gathering things from around the house and making stacks on my bed. When I was done for the night, I threw it all in the suitcase and went to bed, hoping I’d be able to sleep OK. I’d left a few things to do in the morning since I wouldn’t leave the house until 11:30 so wasn’t stressed about time and did manage to sleep just fine.

The morning wasn’t rushed and I had my bags packed and was headed to the airport right on schedule. There was no point in being nervous any longer. I was on my way. The flights were completely uneventful and I arrived in New Orleans on time, stopping to eat some greens and macaroni while I waited for Connie. Once she arrived, we grabbed a cab and got to the hotel with no problem. I could only hope the rest of the trip would go as smoothly.

Saturday was our day to see New Orleans. Connie’s daughter had recommended a restaurant for shrimp and grits for breakfast so after getting directions and a map from the concierge, we headed towards the trolley stop. Well, the concierge had put too many stars on the map he’d given us so we got off at the wrong stop and had to backtrack a bit to find Surrey’s. We met a local who walked with us and told us some of the local color so it was fun. We also passed a yarn shop (one of those stars on the map) and so after an amazing breakfast, I got to buy yarn. All good, right? Then we walked to the Lafayette Cemetery and around the Garden District until we’d gotten a flavor for the area, at which point we caught the bus to the French Quarter. I wanted to get to St. Louis’ Cathedral so we shopped our way towards there. When Connie decided she needed a psychic reading, I told her I’d wait for her in the The Quarter Stitch – the yarn shop just down the street. Nice. She had her fun and I had mine. Nothing like vacation yarn purchases to make me happy. We were starting to fade after walking all day so we stopped for coffee and beignets. Yum. Next stop was a parade, which just happened to be between us and the hotel. We screamed for beads with everyone else and when we had enough, we waited to cross the route and get back to the hotel. Well, we crossed once only to find we needed to recross closer to the hotel. By the time we got back, it was nearly dinner time and we were both exhausted. I had a blister too so we ate a delicious dinner at a restaurant right by the hotel and fell into bed exhausted. The next day was the cruise.

Our plan for Sunday was to have a quick breakfast at the Starbuck’s in the hotel, check out at 11:00 and take a cab to the docks in hopes we could get on the ship early. It’s a good thing we left when we did because the parade route was in between the hotel and the docks so our cabbie was able to sneak through a barricade only because the parade hadn’t started. There were many people boarding and so we joined the throngs and made our way through the lines. We were onboard and eating at the stern in less than an hour. We wouldn’t have access to our room for awhile so we explored the ship after we ate. It was crammed with people but we scoped out some quiet areas to check out later. The best thing was discovering the Serenity Spa area at the bow of the ship. It had none of the over the top tackiness of the rest of the ship and was adults only. We’d be spending lots of time there for sure. After finding out room (an interior (cheap) room on deck 7), we changed and headed up to our first dinner at our table – 8 people who all knew each other plus Connie and me. The food was decent and the people were pleasant enough, which was a good thing because we’d be seeing a lot of each other. We went to bed hopeful that we’d be enjoying the next 7 days on the boat. Time would tell.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 5 - My Snowy Birthday

Well, it was an interesting week full of training, computer problems and snow. I was also in my last week of rotating but had issues after the three 600 calorie days that left me uncomfortable and worried about my colon, which was not cool. It all worked out in the end though. : )

The work week was full of training. I was teaching 2 classes (Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons) and the vendor for the new space software was doing demos of the modules of the new release, which meant I had a morning session Wednesday then all day Thursday. With all that time taken up, the rest of the work week flew. I also took as many breaks as possible because early in the week it was in the high 50’s and even over 60 one day so I was able to take breaks and knit on a bench without even a jacket on. Nice but the payback was coming.

I was having my usual up in the wee hours sleeping problem on Thursday night so got up early on Friday figuring I’d catch up on some TV. Nope. My computer was dead. Lights came one but it wouldn’t boot up. I brought it to work and Allan confirmed that the video card was toast but my data was fine, which was a darn good thing because I had bought a flash drive to back up but had never gotten around to it. Anyway, I needed a new computer NOW so went online to Staples, found an HP Pavilion – the same model as my old laptop – that was in stock and would be right on my way back to campus from HuHot. I was in and out in 5 minutes and Allan configured it that afternoon so I left with my computer good to go. I could not have dealt with a computer free weekend. Allan is the best computer guy ever! I’ll be buying him a case of diet coke as a thank you.

I had planned to stop at the market on the way home Friday but couldn’t wait to get home and try out my new computer so skipped it in favor of making a beeline home to start the weekend. Lori was having a birthday tea for me on Sunday so I had to be productive on Saturday since it was my last weekend before my cruise. Luckily the computer was so similar to my old one that it didn’t feel much different so didn’t suck up much time.

Unfortunately I wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped on Saturday. I did get started on my chores but didn’t make a big enough dent so went to bed Saturday figuring I’d have to be a machine on Sunday morning. It was already snowing but they were predicting 1-3” so I wasn’t even planning on shoveling. Yeah, right. The wind woke me up in the wee hours and the electricity had been off so my alarm clock was blinking. I absolutely had to know what time it was (2:42) and by the time I had reset the clock, I was wide away. It was still snowing and blowing hard. I read for an hour and when I turned the light off, the electricity went on and off five or six times before I fell asleep.

I slept late and when I got up it was even worse. Clearly the weather forecasters had missed and this was more than they’d expected. The snow was coming down hard  and it was blowing and drifting. Lori wisely cancelled the tea and I hunkered down for the day, starting in on the chores I hadn’t gotten done Saturday. I had already decided to end my diet a day early so I could enjoy my tea so had some normal food even though I was having tea alone as the snow flew. It was a nice break from only healthy stuff and I’d lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks so was very happy with my progress. All good, right?

Over the course of the day I talked to a few people and listened to the constant dings as people posted birthday greetings on Facebook. Nice. I spent the afternoon making Funny Bones (my fave Drake’s Cake growing up, which went extinct when Hostess went bankrupt) to take to work for my birthday treat and caramel corn to take to knitting. I'd called Tim to get the name of someone to plow my driveway and 5 minutes with a bobcat and that was taken care of. I only had to spend 15 minutes shoveling the deck and sidewalk. Since it felt like -16 with the windchill, the less time outside the better. I showered when I got in, got right into my nightie and sat down with dinner for a night of PBS – British Baking Show (love it!), Downton Abbey and Grantchester. It’s my new must see TV.

Earlier in the day I had tried to remote into my work computer to run the tables for monthly reports but it wasn’t working on my new computer so I’d emailed Josh to ask him to do it. Just before bed, Josh emailed to say he’d run them but we wouldn’t need them Monday because UNL was closed! Well knock me over with a feather! I was floored because UNL rarely closes, never mind the night before. I hadn’t seen the email because I’d gotten so many birthday notices over the day that I’d been ignoring the dings. What a fabulous birthday present! I don’t think it gets any better. Snow day! And the best part was Wahoo had done their usual fabulous job plowing so I’d already been out to the market so would be perfectly able to go out on Monday. Yay! What a perfect end to my birthday.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 4 - Shake It Off

Starting the week with a holiday is always wonderful but the day was a blurr. I can’t tell you what I did but I know I enjoyed it. Good thing because I found a big problem as soon as I got to work, which put a damper on things.

I had majorly screwed up the allocations I’d done on Friday, so much so that they had to be reversed and rerun. 6,000 transactions! Oddly enough I didn’t beat myself up too much, which is my normal MO, getting over it almost immediately. The day flew and I enjoyed my first ever aqua boot camp, which is taught by a man and is a tough work out. I felt great when I left the pool then stopped at the bread store and found some alternative bread products that still work with the rotation. All good.

Wednesday – not so much. Nora found a mistake on the reconciliation sheet for the redone allocations. It was a typo that meant we were $3,000 short. Now we can make that up next quarter but that was another blow and I couldn’t shake it off. I was in a funk for the rest of the day, which ended with being assigned a nearly impossible database – the kind where I’ll program for ages and it’ll look great but be useless. I had steak ready for the grill so was planning on going right home but decided to swim as I drove out of the parking lot in hopes that exercising with my friends would turn my mood around. BTW, did you EVER think you’d hear those words out of my mouth? Anyway, I drove to the pool but when I couldn’t find a parking space, I didn’t have time to search so headed home anyway. An evening of PBS and knitting went a long way towards improving my mood.

Thursday started out better and I was trying to Shake it Off, which left me singing Taylor Swift all day. But then my co-worker started going on and on about the new project and by the end of the day I was done and had to leave my office because I couldn’t listen to it another minute. I was so happy to head to the pool at 5:00. I had packed a sandwich to eat in the car on the way to book club, which was a good discussion about The Longest Trip Home by John Grogan of Marley & Me fame.

There was more whining on Friday and I ended the day shut in Nora’s office doing the part of the new project that had been causing such drama for my office mate. How could a four day week be so long? It’s like my relaxing Monday had never happened! At least I’d had a productive day, stopping at Wal-Mart to pick up a new cat tower before work, getting new watch bands and batteries at lunch and I stopped at Best Buy on the way home. They gave me $53 in store credit for the headphones I won before Christmas, which I promptly put towards a new camera for my cruise. The TV and Roku for the craft room will have to wait. I’m hoping I can find a cheaper TV for the craft room than Best Buy had to offer. And what’s with the wall mount costing half as much as the TV? After an Aldi run to replenish my crisper, I was home for the weekend.

I had very little on my agenda so had a lovely weekend. I had everything but the laundry done on Saturday and even did some cooking at supper, which was my first since starting the rotation. I made a pork chop and cabbage skillet with applesauce based sauce. Not my most delicious dinner but not bad and at least it wasn’t grilled meat and veg, which is getting old. I finally was sleeping better too. All good.

Since everything was in order, on Sunday I slogged through the spare room. The bed was piled 3 feet deep with crap (I’m not exaggerating here) and there was stuff on the floor too. By the end of the day, I had a big pile for Goodwill, another pile of unraveling sweaters to share with the knitters on Monday had brought lots of stuff downstairs. All I had left to do was sort all the yarn, which is a ridiculous amount and will take time and light, which I’d lost by then. Between the slogging, I had also managed to knit a cute pair of booties for Shelley’s baby, who will arrive Thursday. Hopefully they’ll make it to RI in the mail by then.

I had wanted to have pasta for dinner (legal in the 1200 calorie week) but didn’t have any sauce in the freezer so I pulled out one of the turkey dinner leftovers from Thanksgiving. It was yummy and still within my 1200 calories for the day but not worth it since the sodium probably made me retain some water, which left me only using 3 pounds for the week. I’m up to 13 pounds in 2 weeks so it’s still good. I have high hopes for my mid-week weigh being back on a 600/900 week. It’s all good. Hopefully this week will have less drama than last week. Have a good one.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 3 - Ten Pounds Lighter

So, it wasn’t as bad as I’d anticipated. When I did the Rotation Diet 25 years ago, I remember the 600 calorie days being brutal with headaches and starvation. But the new version has free veggies so this time was a cake walk. I wasn’t nearly as hungry between meals and when I was, I snacked on carrots and celery so it wasn’t bad at all. And it was only three days. I can do anything for three days.

My biggest concern had been doing Aqua Boot Camp on Tuesday with the killer instructor who has you throwing medicine balls in the pool. It was on Mondays last semester so I never went but it was Tuesdays now and that’s one of the days I go. But Lori’s father in law had died so Andrea and I went to the visitation in Omaha on Tuesday after work so I got a reprieve. I swam Wednesday and Thursday and lived to tell.

I had decided when I started the diet to only weigh myself on the mornings when I was changing calories. This had me on the scale Thursday morning and I was thrilled to see I’d lost six pounds in three days. So worth it. The rest of the week was 900 calories/day, which meant I could actually have a sandwich for lunch, which felt so normal after my baggies of meat, veg and crackers. I had already warned Layton that lunch would do our Friday lunches at HuHot during my 900 calorie weeks and that felt like a celebration of normalcy. Delicious too.

On Friday, my cell phone died. Well, it didn’t die but the charging port gave way so it was no longer chargeable. Now my flip phone is so old that my dad was with me when we bought it and he’s been gone since 2006. But I wasn’t interested in a smart phone. I still have a land line and use my iPad for apps so I was looking for another pay by the minute cheap phone. I talked to Verizon but anything that fit the bill would be a special order and I wanted a new phone now. I asked a few people at work, figuring everyone has an old phone in a drawer, but then had the inspiration to put a sign up on the mirror in the ladies’ room like people do for football tickets. Literally 5 minutes after I posted it, I had a cell phone in hand. Not only did Cheryl have one in a drawer, she had one in her desk drawer. Excellent! I stopped at Verizon on the way home and 30 minutes later had the new phone ready to go, complete with my transferred contacts. And this one was so much new than my old one that it feels like an upgrade. Nice.

The icing on the cake on Friday was coming home to a clean house. My new cleaning lady had come for the first time and finally I'd found a keeper. Everything she'd cleaned was spotless, especially the toilet, which had been a mess. She also did the little things like got rid of the cobwebs in the corner of my bedroom. I could not have been happier. What a wonderful way to start the long weekend. Did I mention how happy I was? : )

I had a Friends of the Library meeting on Saturday so was up and out early, which is always good. It was much warmer out and the snow was melting so I got outside a bit and did a few chores. Sunday was even warmer. After stripping my bed and hanging the sheets on the line, the next thing on my list was to prep food for the next week, which was 1200 calories/day so would feel almost normal. Normal except for absolutely no sugar that is. Anyway, I started prepping produce, which left me with another big bag of trimmings to go with the one in the fridge for Lori’s chickens. I called to see if she was home for a drop off and she said to bring over my knitting. It was so warm out that we sat on her front porch and knitted in the sun while drinking tea and watching her kittens scamper outside. I was only wearing a t-shirt and was perfectly comfortable. Nice. While I had planned on a more productive day, you have to take advantage of weather like that in January plus I still had Monday off to redeem myself.

Gotta love a Monday holiday. But the best part was the ten pounds I’d lost when I weighed myself first thing. Beautiful! The weight loss will slow down now that I’m going into a 1200 calorie week but I’d survived the first week with no problem and was ten pounds lighter. That’s the beauty of this diet – it’s easy to follow and the weight just falls off if you follow it to the letter. Just two more weeks to go and I’m actually excited to keep going. Yay!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week 2 - Preparing to Rotate

I started the week by getting a cold. It had been working on me since a dry, sore throat on Saturday night but didn’t materialize until Monday morning at work. I took a Claritin D and powered through but when I finished my monthly reports just after noon Tuesday, I gave up and headed home. I had a fever and chills that night and stayed home on Wednesday. It was bitter cold Wednesday so I was happy to be home and toasty, even if it was a snot fest.

I was back at work on Thursday but didn’t really feel much better until later that afternoon, when my energy came back. From there I just felt better and better. There had been no swimming all week and I’d just gone home every night to nurse my cold. I got lots of knitting done, of course. I took my last Claritin D on Thursday before bed, figuring I had no weekend commitments so I could just let the congestion be.

On the way home Friday, it was time to stock up on produce. I was preparing to start The Rotation Diet on Monday. It’s the diet Carolyn and I first did back in the 80’s, when I lost a bunch of weight and kept it off for a decade or more. Carolyn and her husband started rotating again last spring and Carolyn has lost 45 pounds and is a shadow of her former self. She’s inspired me to start rotating.

The diet is brutal but only lasts 3 weeks and I can handle anything for 3 weeks. The crux of it is you eat 600 calories for 3 days, 900 for 4 days, 1200 for a week and then you repeat the 600/900 week. When you’re done with that, you take at least a week off. The diet has been updated since the 80’s and now you have free vegetables so if you’re hungry between the tiny calorie meals, which I always was, you can eat from the veg list. So I went shopping for produce on the way home. A cart load. It’s all good.

Donna had been asking for a kool aid dyeing day for a long time so she came over on Saturday and we each dyed a skein. I overdyed some yellow to green and then spotted it with caramel colored dots. It was fun and a nice interlude in a weekend when I barely left the house. It was a nice quiet weekend, getting lots of things done in the house – chores, knitting and lots of produce prep. I never did get the Christmas tree down, mostly because I’m still enjoying it. But it will have to come down one night this week because I hired a new cleaning lady and she comes for the first time next Friday. I have high hopes for this one. She is a friend of a co-worker and as she walked around my house, she pointed out some of the very things I had problems with, like the cobwebs hanging from my bedroom ceiling and the dismally dirty toilet. Very high hopes. Stay tuned.

So the week is over and tomorrow the rotating begins. The first round will end on my birthday, which is also a week before I leave for the cruise. That seemed like perfect timing because this diet makes you ultra aware of everything you put in your mouth, which will be a good thing when I’m faced with all the cruise food. I’ll then start another rotation the day after I get back from the cruise. My head’s really in the game to eat healthier so I’m hopeful that I can drop some weight and keep if off. I’ll appreciate any encouragement I can get so feel free to send some my way. : )