Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 3 - The Melt Down

The world was still covered with a sheet of ice on Monday morning but it was MLK Day so I settled in for a lovely day of ignoring the weather and knitting away in my jammies. Nice. Then Lori told me UNL was cancelled on Tuesday and after quickly checked the website, I saw no classes and the pressure was off. I had intended to tackle a project but now had Tuesday. Until I got thinking mid-afternoon. Usually we get an email when work is cancelled so when I didn't see one, I checked the website again and saw that classes were cancelled but staff had to report. I didn't see this until 3:30 though so my day was toast. Bummer but at least I'd had a lovely and relaxing day.

The work week started with PT at 7:00 a.m., which means I have to be ready to leave for work from there. There's nothing normal about a PT morning but at least I got them to change the channel off Fox. I had to be up early Wednesday morning too because we were celebrating Cindy's birthday with breakfast before work at Bread and Cup. It was getting harder to get up each day because I was only sleeping 3 to 4 hours each night. By Thursday morning, I could barely get out of bed and by the time I had to leave for PT, it was clear I'd have to come back home before heading to work. Not good. Fox and Friends was on again so I complained to Cory, who's name is on the building and is the one who wants Fox according to the staff. I left in hopes that that might have done the trick but I was exhausted and running on empty.

I got to work and things did not go well. When I stopped to check in with Nora, she asked how I was doing and I completely lost it. I was in tears within seconds and poured my frustrations out. She was supportive, as usual, and I left with a mission. I sent an email to my doctor's office and felt some better. Nora had told me to go home but I just drank 2 huge diet cokes at lunch with Dodie and that got me through the day. 

Unfortunately I didn't sleep any better Thursday night so Friday was another tough day and I ate a bunch of crap, beginning with the donuts I brought that morning. Not good. The candy bar I ate mid-afternoon was the last straw and I felt like I was going to be sick so went back and forth to the ladies' room five or six time in my last hour but nothing. I boogied home, feeling like crap and just after 7:00, I puked my guts up and crawled into bed. It was well before my 9:00 earliest bedtime but I felt awful so called it good. I put on a patch and slept for 12 hours! Clearly I needed it and I felt almost normal on Saturday, getting most of my chores done so I'd have project time on Sunday.

I slept for 8 hours Saturday night so woke up feeling like a new woman on Sunday morning. After a morning knitting in the sun, I threw in a load of laundry and then got busy on my cupboards. I had stopped baking 2 years ago when I started dieting and all my baking supplies were bug infested and it had spread to the pasta. I pulled everything out of the cupboards, making about a dozen trips to the compost pile to empty my biggest Pyrex bowl over and over. Such a waste but it had to be done! After vacuuming and cleaning the cupboards with ammonia, I had everything back (much less because I also purged old canned goods while I was at it) and was ready to relax. It felt great to have everything back in order and was a good way to end a frustrating week. Now if I could only hear back from the doctor..... Wish me luck.

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