Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 1 - Blue Cross Hell

Alas, Monday was the last day of break. Five days had gone by in a flash and while I hadn't been a total slug, I still had a huge to do list of things I hadn't gotten done. And that's what I did, making a huge dent and in one day, redeeming myself from total slackerdom. A day off and lots of things crossed off is a good way to start a week, even if it was the last day of break.

Tuesday was not a good day. First off, instead of starting the year with a productive day of doing monthly reports, which is incredibly satisfying btw, we spent most of the day in a workload planning meeting. We went through everything Nora and I do trying to find things we can offload to others or stop doing all together now that filling Josh's position wasn't going to happen. My six weeks off for my knee replacement steps this up a notch. But it was most of the day and there were more of these meetings scheduled every day all week. Sheesh!

Then when I got home, my doctor's office called to tell me that my pre-surgery MRI for my shoulder had been denied, even after a peer review! Despite the fact that I'm in constant pain from the bone spur that's irritating my rotator cuff, which leaves me struggling to sleep most nights, and have already had a super painful needle aspiration, they want me to do a month of PT before they'll OK the MRI. Now I need the surgery NOW so that my shoulder is completely recovered by March 9th, when my knee replacement is happening. They aren't including that complication in their decision. Meanwhile I'm only able to sleep with a lidocaine patch on my shoulder and even that's not good sleep. Yet again, money trumps patient. Our system is so broken.

I tried for productivity, dropping my puked on coat for dry cleaning and stopping at Fresh Thyme for produce before work on Wednesday. And luckily after meeting for another huge chunk of time on Wednesday, the rest of the workload planning meetings for the week were cancelled so I was able to start on my reports, which Cheryl helped me with. Still it took the rest of my week and they weren't even 100% done by Friday at 5:00.

But I did end the week by talking to the benefits director about the ridiculous PT. I'd spoken to my doctor's office again and tried to plan out a month of PT and still getting my shoulder done before my knee. She called Blue Cross and gave me a ray of hope to end the week on. She'd hear back from them Monday so it was more waiting. Hopefully waiting though to head into the weekend.

It started with a rare Friday night social engagement - my water aerobics friend Cindy's retirement party. She had it in a downtown bar and it was lots of fun - good friends, yummy food and a DJ. While I didn't get up and dance, I had some fun rockin' out in my chair to some of my favorite songs. I've got 10 more years before I can retire. Jealous!

I had a Friends of the Library meeting at 9:30 Saturday and had actually done all the prepping, including a year in review treasurer's report, on Thursday night so wasn't slamming to get the reports done last minute. Very adult. I like starting a weekend at home with a Friends meeting, which gets me up and out and feels like a good start to the weekend. I ran some errands after the meeting then was home for the rest of the weekend.

Other than the usual chores, I spent Sunday prepping produce. I started the first of my 2 pre-surgery rotations on Sunday morning. I've gained 20 pounds since my sustained loss of 65 pounds and my intention is to lose them before March 9th. I can do it if I don't flake on these rotations, which I feel like I can do with the surgery hanging over me. After eating like a pig over the holidays, eating healthy food felt great so even 600 calories isn't going to dampen my enthusiasm. Wish me luck!

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