Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week 4 - Finally Some Progress!

The week started with some good news. My uber whiny email to the doc last Thursday was the ammo they needed to submit an appeal (who knew?) and they called Monday to get info on my PT. The appeal was filed on Tuesday. They didn't mark it urgent, completely ignoring the specific wording I'd sent them from the Benefits Director, so I can only hope that it somehow makes it to the top of the pile. I got a letter saying it might take 2 weeks to review but at least there's hope. And get this, my friend Donna, who has the exact same UNL insurance, called her doc with a shoulder complaint, got an MRI approved and done 2 days later and is already scheduled for surgery. WTF! Some people have all the luck.

Otherwise, it was a busy week. I had training Tuesday and Thursday all afternoon, PT first thing Tuesday and last thing Thursday and was going to Jackie with friends after work Tuesday night. I was dieting but had decided popcorn for dinner was OK and Anne bought the popcorn while I was getting the tickets. It was huge! Did I act like an adult and leave some uneaten? Not a chance, which might be why I was up at 2:00 in gastric distress. I lost yet more sleep and was so exhausted Wednesday morning and had a hinky stomach so I called in sick. The thing that decided it, which I didn't feel great about, was the fact that it was snowing over a bed of ice so the drive would be treacherous. I got over the guilt and happily sat in my nightie knitting and watching it snow. The bland diet didn't get me down either and I was feeling better by day's end.

On the knitting front, despite having many projects OTN (on the needles), I went home Monday night and cast on another pair of socks. Then I went to Crafthouse, a new-ish yarn shop on the south side of Lincoln, with Anne at lunch on Tuesday to meet with them about knitting some sample socks for their shop. They accepted my offer and I got to choose a beautiful skein of sock yarn to make the socks, which will hang in the shop for awhile and then they're mine. So I cast those on too. So much for getting old projects finished. At least the Monday night pair went quickly and I finished them on Saturday, which is a personal record for me, and I love them. Too bad they're too small for me but I was using up a single skein so that limited the size. They'll go into the gift pile for now.

I started the weekend by going back to the pool. I had cleaned out my locker 2 weeks ago but just couldn't handle not swimming. I was getting lots of knitting done with the extra time but I was also becoming a noodle so I decided to get in the pool and just do what I could. There were definitely moves I couldn't do but I was moving in water and that was better than not. I've always loved starting the weekend swimming and it felt great to be back on track. I was showered and in veg clothes when I drove into my garage and I didn't leave the house all weekend. Bliss!

I had a lovely weekend with lots of knitting but just enough productivity to not feel guilty. I had most of my chores done before I went to bed Saturday, which left me Sunday to go through the last food cupboard and do some cooking. I had the cupboard emptied, vacuumed, washed and restocked by mid-afternoon so started cooking after a nice tea break. I had a 3 pound chub of hamburger so made 2 pounds of meatballs for an upcoming food day and a meatloaf, which mashed potatoes of course, for dinner. I also made PB&J bread pudding to take to knitting. The break week between rotations started Sunday so it was great to have some yummy food in the house. All in all, not a bad finish to the week.

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