Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2017 - Just One Word

Every year I choose a word and TRY to focus on that for the year. Recently I haven't done a good job of following through on that so this year, I think I have a winner because it hearkens back to my first and most successful word - enough.

After having chosen this year's word but before writing this post, Faith Salie did a rant on CBS Sunday Morning about my word. Not that it will change my mind but I thought I'd share. Now for my word.....


The reason this word speaks to me is because my life is full. Very full. Of stuff, time commitments, energy commitments and the like. This leaves me in the position of constantly having to pick and choose what to keep/do/commit to like a museum curator. So it's time to really be deliberate in my life, especially this year when I'm facing my knee replacement and hopefully surgery to fix the bone spur's that killing my shoulder, both of which will leave me with extra time but limited abilities to get things done. So despite the fact that it's a buzz word right now, I am embracing curation as my goal for 2017. Wish me luck. Happy New Year!

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