Sunday, March 30, 2014

Week 13 - My Fun Overload

It was spring break so campus was deserted. Work was busy but manageable, which was a good thing because by the end of the week, I was ready to crumble. It was all because of too much fun.

Somehow I ended up with something scheduled every night Monday through Thursday. It was all fun and involved spending quality time with friends. I had knitting on Monday, a concert at the Lied on Tuesday, a potluck with the water aerobics gang on Wednesday and book club on Thursday. It was just go go go and I was exhausted. On top of all the fun, I had some other stressors going on to compound things.

I worked late on Tuesday on a project for the Vice Chancellor after training all afternoon then met Andrea at the Chinese buffet before the concert. The Soweto Gospel Choir was so much fun and totally uplifting. I left the concert on a high feeling totally energized and I was going home to a clean house. I walked in at 10:20 and took a big breath, thinking I’d smell clean. But underneath the awful febreeze cleaner the new cleaning lady uses was a funky undertone. I could swear it was boy cat. Then I walked into the back room and found Pretty Boy (that’s what I call him anyway) – one of the neighborhood cats. An unneutered male IN MY HOUSE! I was livid. So much so that I couldn’t sleep despite taking a shower to cool down. At least I scored some brownie points by responding to my boss’ email after 11:00. I was still awake at midnight and slept like crap, waking up worried that he’d sprayed all over the house. With the awful lingering febreeze smell, I couldn’t be sure. I did not need this this week!

I was getting more tired with every passing day and by Thursday morning I felt like I could cry at any minute. When Pixel came in with muddy feet and jumped onto my unmade bed, I nearly did. But I had my emotions under control by the time I got to work and being busy helped. I trained all afternoon and when I was done I asked if I could leave early. It was exactly what I needed. I was able to get my swap handmade nearly done before book club and then had a nice time discussing Water for Elephants, which I’d reread and loved just as much the second time. Best of all? I’d made it through and not only was the next day Friday but I had nothing planned after work. At last!

Friday flew by and after a quick stop at the market, I was home and it felt great. I sat and knitted, thrilled to just be sitting. Saturday was going to be another long day so I needed it.

Saturday was the annual garden event in Council Bluffs. I used to go for master gardener CE’s but since I don’t need them anymore (yay me for quitting!) I was going just for fun. It was a fun day of knitting while watching slide shows of plants and listening to speakers talk about plants. What’s not to love? And my last commitment of the week was over. I had a relaxing evening once I got home too. Nice.

Sunday was gorgeous and the wind they forecast held out until late afternoon. I had all more chores done by lunchtime and started cooking. By the time Andrea popped by for tea, I had filled my frig with food for the week and Andrea left with some too plus a bag of scraps for Lori’s chickens. She was headed there on her way home. By the end of the night, I felt recharged and ready to face the coming week. Let’s hope I don’t have another overscheduled week like this one anytime soon.

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