Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week 14 - End of Leisure

Work was super busy this week, which made the time fly but I was dragging most afternoons because I wasn’t sleeping well, mostly just whackadoo dreams. It probably doesn’t help that I haven’t been swimming (no endorphins) but we got news that the pool was operational again on Thursday so this was my last week of leisure. I’ve enjoyed going right home after work like a normal person. The weather wasn’t warm enough for yard work so I can’t say I got much done with all that extra time. Some extra knitting but that was about it.

Other than knitting on Monday, which is always fun, especially since we’ve added pizza and beer, the only social thing I did all week was movies and dinner on Thursday. We saw The Grand Budapest Hotel at The Ross, which was good and reminiscent of Moonrise Kingdom. I checked when I got home – same director. Anyway, since I hadn’t seen Nancy in person since the fall so we had a good catch up over sushi at Hiro 88, the new restaurant in the entertainment district. It was a late night but since it was the only one that week, it was fun rather than debilitating like last week. And the next day was Friday.

I had no plans for the weekend and was looking forward to it big time. The only thing I absolutely had to do was my taxes. And chores. There’s always chores. Since Saturday was the better day weather wise, I did my laundry then so I could hang it outside. Love it! While I was at it, I did all of my chores, which would leave Sunday for taxes. Yee ha! Lori did come over just as I was sitting down to tea. She had picked up sweaters from a woman from the unravellers group on Ravelry who was downsizing and needed to offload some sweaters. We sorted through them and immediately went out on the deck to start the unraveling. I had started dyeing some yarn before Lori came and finished it up after she left. I hadn’t dyed in a long time and it was a nice end to a productive day.

So, tax prep day. Not fun but it had to be done. I finished at 1:00, which worked great because Andrea and I were headed to Lori’s to knit the afternoon away. We had a lovely afternoon and I got home just in time for dinner and TV. I even managed to finish Anne Marie’s socks, which are for her to wear during labor. She’s do later this month but is HUGE so I didn’t want to take any chances. They were my last deadline knitting so now I can relax and knit something at a leisurely pace. That’ll be a switch. Now to decide what’s next. But since I'll be back to swimming next week, my extra leisure time will be gone. The endorphins will be worth it, right? That's what I'm telling myself. : )

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