Sunday, March 30, 2014

Week 12 - No Sister Time

It was a very relaxed week, which is always nice but leaves not much to write about. Yet somehow I’ll manage. : )

For the second time since the pool was redone two years ago, the pump went out so water was moved to the shallow lap pool pending repairs. Since I’d been having knee troubles already, I decided not to tempt fate and so will not be swimming until the deep pool reopens. This meant I could go straight home after work, which lead to lots and lots of knitting. I did bring workout clothes on Friday with the intent of exploring other options (I was thinking recumbent bike or super circuit) after work, only to receive and email that day that the weight room and circuit would be down for the next four days while they were being moved. Clearly the workout gods were against me but it probably worked better for my knee anyway.

I did manage to cross a few things off my to do list during the weeknights before the sitting/knitting began. Unclogging the floor drain was one thing I was happy about. It took an entire bottle of Drano and two kettles of boiling water but at last my furnace could drain back where it was meant to. I also finished the socks for my co-worker’s daughters and she took me to lunch as a thank you. And I won tickets to the Soweto Gospel Choir on the radio so there’s some culture coming next week. And free to boot!

Saturday started on a sour note. The phone rang early and I thought it was Carolyn but it was my sister Ginny. She was calling to say she wasn’t coming in April after all. The trip had been a quick one so when the airline cancelled her flight home with the only alternative either a really long layover in Atlanta or leaving a day earlier, she took the refund and cancelled. Keep in mind, this would have been her first time to Nebraska (I’ve lived here almost 18 years) and the first solo trip since she met her husband. I had been so looking forward to it. And her alternative was that the two of them would drive out this summer. NOT THE SAME THING! In addition to him being there (total downer), summer is my busy time at work and when I’m not working, I’m holed up in the AC because Nebraska summers are hotter than Hades. And when I suggested she look for a weekend she could come in the fall, she actually quoted sub budget problems in her district. This from someone who calls in sick all the time. So, it’ll probably be another decade before I see her in Nebraska. Bummer.

The rest of the weekend was lovely. I’d invited knitters over on Saturday afternoon because Lori has another commitment for 6 weeks and said she was missing the social knitting. It ended up just being the two of us but we had a nice time, chatting and drinking many cups of tea. The added bonus was it made me get all my chores done before she came at 3:00 but that was late enough in the day that I was able to knit a bit, do a chore, knit some more, do another chore…. That’s a great way to do chores, don’t you think?

Sunday was my belated birthday play date with Helen. She was picking me up at 10:30 (11:00 in Helen time) and I was ready to go. Unfortunately I tweaked my knee just before she came and couldn’t put any weight on it when I got in the car. Luckily, as has been the case recently, just sitting for the ride to Lincoln fixed it. But I didn’t want to push it so we skipped the breakfast for lunch I was wanting in favor of Applebee’s, which was the first restaurant we passed that didn’t have a huge wait. From there we went to Starbuck’s and on to Paint Yourself Silly. I had never been but it’s a fave of Helen’s and we had fun. I painted a yarn bowl in orange and purple (shocking choice!) and Helen did a plate. I’m excited to pick them up but that won’t be for two weeks. Then we stopped at Brenda and Michael’s to see the baby. He’d completely changed since I saw him in the hospital (go figure) but was fussy when we got there. I should have brought my knitting because we just sat and chatted for a couple of hours while Carter slept in Helen’s arms. Oh well. I got home after 7:00, ate some pancakes and called it a night, sitting down for some TV before bed. If there are any watchers of The Good Wife, what did you think of that? Yikes! Big shocker, just like CBS said. : )

So that was my nice week. Somewhere in there was the official start of spring but the weather here, except for a freaky warm day here and there, is still cold. There is some green showing in lawns and I found one lily in a sheltered spot coming up in my garden. It’ll only get warmer from here and I’m all about that. Right?

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