Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week 9 - In the Swing

A week that starts with the runs has got to get better, right? The good news on Monday morning was my stomach was better and Imodium solved the intestinal issues. Now to just FEEL better. I was able to eat some scrambled eggs and was able to sit up instead of sleep all day but I was dragging big time. I didn’t move out of my chair all day and at 5:00 p.m. was still wearing the nightie I’d been in for 48 hours. I finally felt up to taking a shower and getting dressed. I’d been able to eat some bland food too. But knitting was out of the question. I was going to go to work on Tuesday.

I was dragging on Tuesday and clearly wasn’t firing on all cylinders but I managed to be of some use in the morning and had training all afternoon. Having to get up in front of a room of people actually brought some of my energy back. By the time I got home, I was feeling almost normal. It wasn’t until Wednesday that I had any appetite back and still it wasn’t normal. My energy level was fine though and I had fun thrifting over lunch, scoring some gorgeous Ralph Lauren sheets.

I woke up ravenous on Thursday. For my weekly lunch with Dodie, I prevailed on her to go to Red Fox because I needed MEAT. They had pot roast as a special and it hit the spot. It was the first substantial food I’d eaten all week. I taught solo on Thursday afternoon and then crammed to prep for a meeting on Friday, getting so absorbed that I was late for swimming. I had intended to leave the pool early but since I got there late I stayed for the whole class, which left me no time for dinner before book club. Good thing I’d had a big lunch. We had an interesting discussion about a dark book of short stories by Alice Walker, who wrote The Color Purple.

Friday was a busy day reminiscent of my days at Brown. I had back to back meetings all day long with barely time to catch my breath before the next one. The one benefit of that is the day flies. I was looking forward to meeting Darla for shopping and dinner after work. We hit a couple of thrifts and then tried to find a place for dinner. We couldn’t park at our first choice, there was a huge line at our second choice so we gave up and went to HyVee. It was one of our regular lunch places but the café at the supermarket hadn’t been on my list for dinner. It worked out great though. We both got Chinese food, which even got me some gas points, and sat in the booth for hours catching up. What a nice way to start the weekend.

I had no plans for the weekend and desperately needed to catch up on everything I hadn’t gotten done last weekend. It was also bitter cold out so I was fine with staying in. I did go out briefly on Saturday morning but otherwise stayed in. I knitted an entire sock, got all my chores done and even did some cooking. I called the new cleaning lady on Sunday afternoon and scheduled her to come on Wednesday then looked around and started clearing more surfaces. I finished the day with some comfort food – polenta with sautéed chard and an egg. Yum! Too bad I wasn’t into the Oscars but then an early night sounded like a great end to the weekend. Damn, I’m getting old. : )

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