Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 11 - It's Always Something

This week was just one thing after another.

To start, am I the only one who has trouble with the spring time change? It seems to get harder and harder every year. I didn’t get a full night’s sleep until the middle of the week and so, like the rest of the world, was on low energy. That didn’t help at all.

My new cleaning lady was starting Tuesday and I was thrilled when I opened the door to the smell of cleaner and a spotless kitchen floor. The house looked great! She’d worked extra since it was so dirty but she clearly was doing a much better job than the last cleaning lady. Yay! Then I went into the bathroom and saw that one of the globes on the light fixture was gone. She had left me a message saying it had come down and smashed when she tried to dust it. First off, can I say how thrilled I am that she even thought to dust up there? My last cleaning lady apparently never looked up because dust was thick on anything above eye level and let’s not even discuss the cobwebs. I assured her it was not a problem (I remember doing a crap job of installing it and thinking 2 out of 3 screws would be fine when I couldn’t screw the third one in – then again…) and that she didn’t need to pay for it. I’d just get another of the same or two new ones if I couldn’t match it. No biggie. The fact that the bulb on that side was flickering was a bit worrisome but I hoped it’d just need a new CFL. But later that night, when I was wiping off the top of the sink, the facecloth caught on something. Apparently when the globe broke, it dinged the top of the sink and took a chunk of enamel off of the side. At least it was only on the far side against the tub so wouldn’t be visible from the doorway. And I was sure I could get a little bottle of enamel paint at Menard’s when I got the globe.

Not so much. A sink repair kit was $17! And the shelf with the globes? Bare. I left Menard’s with nothing to address either issue but I did get a bottle of Drano for the floor drain in the basement. That was clogged again (I’d had it roto rootered not too long ago after the wet kitty litter as cement fiasco) and since it’s where my furnace drains, I’d been letting it drain into a bowl that I’d been emptying every day. Since the cat boxes are in that room, I was waiting until the water level was down enough so I could add the Drano and still have it below floor level. I’d bailed as much as I could so now it was up to evaporation. As of the end of the week, I’m still waiting….

And have I mentioned my knee? My GOOD knee started bothering me last weekend and since then it’s been snapping and popping. It was no better but no worse until Friday after lunch. I’d spilled a 20 ounce glass of water on my leg at lunch so went to see Cheryl to commiserate and ended up sitting and chatting a bit. Well, when I went to get up, I couldn’t put any weight on my leg. WTF! Cheryl and Susan took my keys and went to get my cane from my car. I hobbled back to my desk and after sitting for a bit, it was like it never happened. Still not right but at least I could walk again.

But wait! When they brought me the cane, they reported that the key wouldn’t go into my driver’s side door nor the trunk. Now I’d had it to the Honda dealership not too long ago for the trunk lock, which they said was just dirty (not!) but now the driver’s side too! It looks like I’d be making another appointment at Honda.

All that said, life is good. I did manage to find the exact same globe later in the week at, you guessed it, Menard’s but I didn’t go get it until they’d found it and put it aside (it said online that it was available in the store but I’d just been there and not seen it.) In the paint department I found a little bottle of touch up Rustoleum with a brush in the cap, which was exactly what I’d envisioned buying. $3. I had a wonderfully productive weekend of knitting, cooking and baking, finishing off the weekend with a quick trip to Lori’s to drop off a big bag of chicken food (trimmings from all my kitchen efforts) and pick up a dozen eggs. I’d made a nice birthday cake for Andrea to take to knitting and was nearly finished with my 2nd pair of socks for the month.  And spring is in the air! The two lots of snow we’d gotten were both gone before the end of the next day and the extra hour of light, while not good for my sleep cycle, was pretty nice after work. And I even had some yarn fun on the deck, enjoying the gorgeous weather on Saturday while organizing all my sock yarn into under the bed boxes. I finished just before the cold front whipped through and dropped the temp like a rock. But it’s still winter so I’ll take the warm weather when I can get it while I patiently (ha!) wait for spring.

So despite the laundry list of inconveniences above, I’m still smiling. Are you? I hope so.

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