Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 18 - Happy Being Busy

If my normal weeks seem full, look out because this week was nuts. I had something every night and all day Saturday too. Lots of it was fun stuff but it still made for a busy week.

On Monday morning, Tot didn’t come in when I called her. I spent quite a chunk of time calling, checking the basement and then driving the alley and next street over before giving up and heading to work. Now she had stayed out all day before but not since my neighbor was shooting at them with a BB gun so I was a bit concerned. I skipped lunch and left work a bit early, only to find her waiting at the back door. Since I was home so early, I mowed the lawn, showered and had dinner before heading to knitting. I could get used to that. When I got home, I did the books for the Friends so I’d be ready for that meeting.

I started Tuesday in the dentist’s chair but this time only for a check up. Look mom, no cavities! After stopping to pay my house taxes, I headed to work, arriving at 10:00. There’s something else I could get used to. Since I parked at a meter, I ran to the mall over lunch to return something I’d bought online and then taught all afternoon. I had a Friends of the Library meeting at 6:30 and then headed home. Wednesday was my only night without a commitment so I had a bit of a break coming.

It was supposed to the 90 on Wednesday so I brought a lunch and knitting so I wouldn’t have to leave at lunch. A bunch of people had the same idea so we had a fun lunch in the conference room. I swam after work and then went home to my cool house. I’d pulled a Mrs. DiPalma and closed all my windows and blinds so the house was nice and cool, despite the record setting heat outside. I watched Survivor and knitted but then the cats didn’t come in so I was up and down until near midnight (one was still out all night) and so didn’t get enough sleep.

I started the day Thursday at the Hort Club plant sale, where I tried to be restrained and only bought one flat of plants. I was supposed to go to a training at 9:00 but Mary nixed that so I could work on some queries for the F&A response from the feds. After doing that all morning and having lunch with Dodie, I taught all afternoon so another day flew by. I swam and then went straight to book club at the library, which was a fun discussion even though the book was boring. I helped a friend with a knitting question afterward then it was home for my dinner of champions - a bowl of cereal. I went to bed early because Friday was going to be a long day.

Friday was Spring Affair, which is my very favorite thing to do ever – helping people chose plants and putting my perennial knowledge to good use. The day flew by and Nora and I left at 3:30 to hit the pre-sale for volunteers, where I again tried to not buy too much and actually succeeded. We met up with Lorri at the sale and then the three of us went to HyVee for an early dinner before heading back for our shift at 5:30. Lorri and I were plant informants so worked together all evening. They’d changed the format a bit of the preview night so it was hors d’ouevres and drinks instead of a sit down dinner. This meant people were shopping from minute one so it had a more relaxed feel than other years. It was hard standing on my feet on concrete for 3.5 hours but I lived. It felt great to sit down for the drive home. It was a fun night but I was exhausted and ready for bed.

I had a hair appointment on Saturday at 9:15, after which I’d pick Lorri up to head back to Spring Affair for the talks, which would count towards our Master Gardner continuing ed. The hairdresser ran late but we made it just in time for the first session. We shopped a bit before the next session and then grabbed a hot dog for lunch after the next one. The sessions were all good, which I hadn’t expected from their descriptions, and then we drove across Lincoln to B&B Greenhouse for, you guessed it, more plant shopping. I really was trying to not buy too much because someone will have to take care of them when I’m in England and Lorri isn’t available for half the trip. Anyway, we were home by 5:00 and the sitting began.

I had hoped to get some yard work done on Sunday but it was dreary, chilly and damp with the high just 51. Since it was too cold to work outside, I spent the day inside, cooking, baking and knitting while streaming things on my computer. It was wonderful! I didn’t feel too guilty after the week I’d had and I still managed to get my chores done. I even made the ham I bought at Easter so ended the day with a nice dinner.

So, I made it through my busy week with everything done that needed to be and all set for a more normal week to come. And the coughing is pretty much over so I'm feeling normal again. Life is good!

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