Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week 19 - Cranky but Productive

What a week! Between coaching the boys through monthly reports and prepping F&A responses for the feds (don’t ask), work was pretty stressful. Then add storms almost every night that kept me from sleeping well and I was pretty darn cranky by the end of the week.

To start the week, I made a list of all the things I needed to get done before leaving for England, vowing to get a few done every day. At lunch on Monday I walked my purse to the cobbler that’s a few blocks from campus to get the strap sewn down. Darla and I were thrifting after work (it’d been awhile since we’d gone) and I could pick it up afterwards. Then it was home to grab some ham then head to the library for knitting. I handed out skeins of Brown Sheep sock yarn to everyone so we can have a sock knit along.

Heat and humidity set in on Tuesday so I spent lunch ordering knitting supplies that I’d need for England, eating my bag lunch so I didn’t have to go outside. I was trying to get work done but the boys had zillions of questions so with the constant interruptions, it was hard to get much done. The day did fly by though and I managed to arrange for rides to and from the airport. One more thing crossed off. I had invited Andrea over for dinner – ham! – and so went right home. I had closed the house up so it was still nice and cool inside. After a nice dinner, Andrea took her plants from Spring Affair and I sat down to knit for awhile. There were storms right as I was falling asleep that kept me up way later than normal.

Wednesday was Josh’s birthday so we were going out to lunch at Hu Hot, which was fine by me. Veggies! Nora also brought scones so it felt like I ate all day. The questions continued all day and I was thrilled to hit the water after work. Then it was straight home for more ham (getting sick of it by then) and Survivor.

As soon as it was over, it was time to work on Mary’s birthday present. Nora had found a cute pouch made from vinyl covered candy bags so had bought the iron on vinyl and I was elected to make the pouch. I had directions from a blog but the directions on the vinyl package were lacking so I screwed up one of the candy bags and had to get dressed and head to the market for more M&M’s at 8:45. Once I got the vinyl on, the sewing was a breeze and the bag came out SO cute. I finished after 10:00 and then had to knit a bit to decompress before bed. I finished a sock that had been on the needles for awhile because I needed the needles to start another pair. Yes, I’m addicted to knitting socks but there are worse things. Unfortunately there were more storms so I was awake until after midnight. Thursday was going to be a long, hard day.

And it was. There were problems with the monthly reports, which nearly sent me over the edge. I kept working on the F&A stuff but as soon as I finished one question, I’d get assigned another. I felt pulled in every direction. Despite being cranky and super tired, I swam because it was my last chance until after Memorial Day. It felt great to hit the water. I couldn’t stomach more ham so had cereal for dinner and went to bed early. I had closed the house up and put on the AC for the cleaning lady so I was able to sleep through any storms and finally got a good night’s sleep.

Earlier in the week, I had suggested to Darla that we do breakfast one morning so had to be up at 5:30 so I could be in Lincoln at 6:30. We had a mediocre breakfast at HyVee but it was wonderful to catch up. I miss having Darla in the next cubie for sure. After breakfast I popped into Wal Mart for new bras (another thing off the list), got coffee, fed the cats and was at my desk just after 8:00. Unbelievable! I had a cathartic lunch with Layton (he was ever patient as I vented my frustrations.) It was blazing hot and humid (90’s in the first week of May – WTF!) and nowhere near cool enough in the office. Then at the end of the day, Lacey gave me yet another chunk of F&A work to do. At least the day flew by and I headed straight home.
I had been waiting for a swap package from my color swap group on Ravelry and came home to a fun package from Canada, fill of fun yarn, vintage sewing supplies, a gorgeous knitted bag that’s the perfect size for my iPad and a knitting project and so will definitely be going to England. There was also lots of fun yarn. I had also gotten a bag of mini skeins from another group so had lots of yarn to play with . The air was still on so the house was blissfully cool. I took a shower, got into comfy clothes and the sitting, knitting and playing with new yarn began. I did nothing but that on Saturday and only stopped for a bit on Sunday, when I forced myself to make a list and get a few chores done. And I do mean a few.

So, that was my week. I survived the work week, got lots of little things done along the way, did some fun crafting, got a fun package  and enjoyed a weekend of knitting and watching TV. I managed to get enough done so all I really have left on the pre trip list is do more laundry and throw it in the suitcase, which will happen near the end of the week. 7 days from now, I’ll be in England. Hard to believe it’s almost here. And I’m hoping to blog from the UK on my iPad so stay tuned.

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