Monday, April 23, 2012

Week 17 - Much Less Coughing

It was a good week. Spring cooperated, bringing gorgeous weather, and I was coughing less every day so the antibiotics were kicking in. Add a productive work week and all was peachy in my world.

I had a nice lunch with Darla at Panera on Monday, which has become my routine for Monday so I can eat my lunch in the car between swimming and knitting. But I was working on prepping allocations and had dug into a problem so didn’t notice the time, checking the clock at 5:10, which made it too late to swim since I have a 10 minute walk to my car plus the drive to the pool. So I stayed until I’d figured out the problem, which was mostly because I was tired so did something dumb, leaving at 5:45. I had time to grab some dinner before knitting, which was mobbed - 7 or 8 people, which is double normal. When I got home, I had a burst of energy and headed downstairs to make a felted coin purse for Deanne’s SIL’s birthday. Apparently I’d agreed to do this when Deanne and I went to Starbuck’s the day after Christmas when she showed up after the open house was over. Clearly I was so tired that I remembered nothing. I also didn’t remember that I was supposed to make one for Dee too, which I didn’t have time to do when I was under the gun that night. Add that to my list. Anyway, I packed that up as well as some yarn I was selling to a woman in Ireland. What a productive day!

Tuesday flew by and I made sure to leave on time so I could swim, after which I went home, nuked some dinner and sat on my butt for the rest of the night. Polar opposite from Monday but it felt good. I had trouble falling asleep that night. From a lack of activity maybe? Nope it was my rotten cat who wouldn’t come in so I was up several times trying to get her in, which I eventually succeeded at just before midnight.

Needless to say, I was tired on Wednesday but some extra coffee helped and I felt better as the day went on. Then I decided to get a KFC bowl after swimming. It tasted great but when I took my antibiotic, my stomach went nuts. It was not an easy night to get to sleep AGAIN and my stomach was still wobbly the next morning. I was beginning to think it was the antibiotic but the lack of sleep wasn’t helping. I was plugging away at my list at work, agreed to eat at Bruegger’s (Dodie’s favorite place, where I rarely want to eat) so had soup and a bagel. At 5:00, I was still working with Nora on a identity management problem so skipped swimming again. Bad but I wasn’t crushed. I picked up a steak dinner at HyVee, which included a baked potato, which Carolyn said was a magic bullet for antibiotic stomach issues. The dinner tasted great and I was in bed by 9:00 in hopes for a good night’s sleep.

I woke up feeling like a new woman on Friday and the day was over in a flash. Darla and I had planned to go to The Hunger Games after work but she had a family deal and had to cancel. I was doing an update with Nora at the end of the day when Mary came in to ask Nora if she was ready to go to a co-worker’s to cut up some tree limbs that had fallen in a storm. Before you know it, I was driving over with them to help. Within a minute of going into the death trap back yard (this yard and house need major work), I had tripped over a log and fallen on my knee. I could only hope it hadn’t messed up my knee more than its usual problems. We were done in a few minutes and I was headed home for the weekend. Nice.

My knee was fine the next morning – big relief. I talked to Carolyn in the morning and then started my chores. I was picking Andrea up for spinning at 1:00 and wanted to have all my chores done before I left so Sunday would be free and clear. I’d also convinced Andrea to go to the movie after spinning so it would be a long day. I just brought some knitting (no spinning wheel) to work on and had fun chatting and knitting. Then it was on to the movie, which I loved. I had a ton of popcorn at the movie so skipped dinner when I got home, finishing up my chores before bed. Yay!

So with Sunday free, the world was my oyster. I had plans to work at the library with Lorri at 2:00 but it was SO windy that we decided before lunch to reschedule. But I already had a gooseberry pie in the oven (the thank you pie for Bob helping me with my weed trees) so I said I’d drop it off later. Andrea stopped by to pick up a sock needle and we ended up watching a dyeing DVD I’d borrowed at spinning, during which I finished crocheting a sock blank to dye. After she left, I delivered the pie and had a nice walk around Lorri’s yard, checking out her clematis and many blooming things. When I got home, I got out my kool aid and started dyeing. I also made a nice dinner of fish, mashed potatoes and fresh asparagus from Lorri’s garden. Yum! I had also made myself a strawberry rhubarb pie with my first rhubarb of the season. What a great way to end the week – yummy dinner, pie and dyeing. Life is good!

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