Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 14 - Hacking and Blowing

I woke up Monday in a pool of sweat but within minutes was cold. I had a fever. And as much as I hate calling in, even I wouldn’t work with a fever. So I sent off an email and sat all day, blowing my nose and hacking up a lung. What a treat! I did have a nice long talk with Auntie Margaret that afternoon though, which was a treat. I called my podiatrist to cancel my 4:30 appointment and knitting was out of the question too. Being sick sucks.

I went to work on Tuesday but shouldn’t have. I was absolutely exhausted, having had trouble sleeping due to my cough. I was a zombie all day and only made it until 3:00 before heading home. I had training on Wednesday and Thursday with full classes so needed to get better quickly.

I slept badly again Tuesday night (still coughing) but went to work Wednesday, stopping for some Mucinex on the way to work. Just walking the aisles of Wal Mart made me break out into a sweat but I ignored it. Well, when I got to work, there was an email from Nicki, the woman I train with who had been out all week, saying she was not coming in. I called her at home to ask about Thursday and when she said she wouldn’t be able to train then either, I had her cancel both classes. There was no way I could teach alone. I wasn’t even sure I’d make it until 5:00 just sitting at my desk. Cancelling certainly took the pressure off.

Despite still coughing and being totally congested, it was like someone switched a switch mid-afternoon and my energy came back. Good thing because my friend’s husband was coming over that night to cut down weed trees in my yard. I helped pull the trees down as he cut (some of them were 15 feet tall and 6” in diameter – sheesh!) then nuked the stumps with Round Up. He left just before 7:00 so I showered and was watching Survivor by 7:05. I felt great for the first time all week. Still coughing and blowing but feeling better.

Thursday was more of the same – work, coughing, blowing my nose and no swimming – and lunch with Dodie. Friday was lunch with Layton and thrifting with Darla after work. I felt better every day but was still plagued with symptoms. This cold was a doozie!

Saturday was the master gardener conference in Council Bluffs so Lorri was picking me up at 7:30. It was forecast to be 90 so I did the Mrs. DiPalma thing and closed up my windows and lowered the shades to keep the house cool. The day was fine. The keynote speaker was very entertaining but the break out sessions were a crap shoot, with some better than others. I was home at 5:00 and my house was deliciously cool so I settled in for an evening of knitting and TV. I had started some monster socks (socks using leftovers from previous socks) that morning and was past the first heel before bedtime. Nice.

Sunday was another hot day so I shut the house up again when it started heating up. The only thing on my agenda was laundry and chores. I figured I’d head to the basement if it got hot upstairs but never needed to. I did end up down there ironing some but not because it was hot upstairs. And yes, I’m still coughing and blowing my nose but it’s a bit better every day. This has got to be the longest cold I’ve ever had. I’ll be celebrating this week because this heat is supposed to break and I’m looking forward to losing this cold. I live in hope.

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