Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 15 - Back to Spring

Monday was deans’ reports day but I was teaching the boys how to do them so spent Monday answering question after question, getting little done myself. I had left the house without a lunch so Darla and I went to Valentino’s for the pizza buffet. I ate too much and was super full all afternoon. I had my rescheduled podiatrist appointment at 4:15 so stopped at the market after that, killing any time at home before knitting. It was still blazing hot out so it was no great loss. I skipped dinner (still full from lunch) and headed to the library. It was stuffy inside but when we stepped out the door, it was like being on a different planet. The front had finally come through and the temp had dropped dramatically, which felt heavenly. I opened all the windows and the cool wind dropped the inside temp in minutes. After a shower and TV, I headed to bed thrilled that spring was back.

Tuesday was more of the same at work and then swimming. I was worried about having a coughing fit in the pool but was OK. Wednesday was more of the same. I finished the monthly reports and emails and moved on to prepping for a meeting on our next big project, which ran late but I still swam despite only getting 30 minutes in the pool. From there it was home for Survivor and dinner.

A planned working lunch on Thursday turned into lunch at Green Gateau and by the end of lunch, we’d all decided to take Friday off. Since Darla was off Friday too (was anyone going to be on campus?), we went to our favorite thrift store (nothing!) and then stood talking in the parking lot for an hour. The weather was gorgeous and it was good to catch up. I miss having Darla in the next cubie, even though she’s still right down the hall.

Friday was a gorgeous day. I had a huge list of errands to do, including mailing my swap package. Yay! I ran all over town, starting at the library paying bills and then ending back at the library cutting back the grasses in the front bed. I got home ~1:00 and made hot dogs on the grill for lunch. After taking a bit of a break, I headed out again to pick up the rest of the grass debris from the library and to get gas for the mower. I did my first mow of the year (way early!) and called it good for the day, going inside for dinner and Friday night TV. It was a good day off.

On Saturday morning, yet another rain chance passed Wahoo by (the wet morning had been part of the reason I took Friday off) – bummer. I puttered inside and was at Andrea’s at 1:00 to pick her up for our Omaha run. We started at Personal Threads, where I picked up the 3 skeins of yarn they were holding for me and a bunch more from the clearance rack. Then it was on to The Joslyn Museum for the Egyptian exhibit. We didn’t have much time (they close at 4:00) so did the Egyptian exhibit then a quick buzz through. It’s a beautiful museum so we need to go back when we have more time. From there we hit Aldi and Super Saver, opting to skip our planned nacho dinner because of the milk in the car. Although I hadn’t planned to, I bought a ham. I’m not sure why or what I’ll do with all that meat.

My goal for Sunday was to start clearing my beds and get my early veggies planted. I spent the day alternating by knitting inside and working outside. While I didn’t clear any beds, I did prep two more veggie beds and got all my early veg planted and watered in. I’m also almost done with a sock I started Wednesday, which is super fast BTW. I didn’t end up making the ham. I had been craving Mexican so made a Mexican lasagna and broccoli plus a big pot of chili. Not your traditional Easter dinner but it hit the spot. Guess what I’ll be eating all week. Maybe I’ll make ham next weekend.

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