Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 16 - Coughing Mystery Solved

Well, I started the week out still coughing but it was a relatively normal week until I gave into it on Thursday. Low energy ruled after that. At least the weather helped justify my weekend of sitting. Sheesh!

Monday was normal – lunch with Darla, swimming, eating in the car then right to knitting. Despite the lingering cough and sinus drainage, I felt OK. Tuesday was another normal day, with swimming after work. So far, so good. I had a full morning training class on Wednesday. I’m not fond of training in the morning because I always feel drained when I’m done but this was the reschedule a couple of weeks ago when I was first sick and Nicki was out all week so was a special circumstance. I survived fine and didn’t crash afterwards. However, Wednesday was my night to go home and work in the yard and I was tired by then so didn’t dig into anything big, just puttering in the yard.

The event for Thursday was my new iPad. I had planned to buy the low end iPad 2 before going to England and just mentioned that to Layton. Well he had his high end iPad 1 that he wanted to get rid of so sold it to me for $200, which was less than half what the new one would cost. So he brought it in on Thursday and got me all set up for UNL’s wireless and such. Then Allen set me up for my email and I was good to go. SO exciting! Layton even lent me the UK plug converter for my trip. I put it away because, after all, I was at work. After a lunch at the dorms with Darla, I had another full class in the afternoon. I had planned to swim but was SO exhausted on the walk to my car that I just went home and sat. I was still coughing and it was clear I needed medical intervention.

I called my doctor first thing on Friday and got an appointment for 4:15. Of course I’d left the house with nothing – no iPad, no knitting – stupid! Anyway, the day flew by as I attempted to prep allocations so I could run them Monday but there were problems with the files so it was a frustrating day. I left early for the doctor and guess what she’s treating me for – whooping cough! Yes, apparently I’ve got whooping cough, which could leave me coughing for 6 weeks (3 down, 3 to go.) I was skeptical but Carolyn googled it and I do have lots of the symptoms. Nuts! I started antibiotics Friday night and the doc said I’d feel better by Monday or Tuesday.

Well, I don’t know if it was hearing that I really was sick, the weather or a combo but I had a LOW energy weekend. Saturday we had tornado warnings and big storms. By mid afternoon, it was near dark outside and it was pouring. Other than doing some dishes, I didn’t get much done at all. When I went over my day, the only things I’d done were cleaning out the car, changing the kitchen light bulb and refilling the q-tips. Lame. Knitting and TV ate up most of the day. Oh well.

I was determined to do better on Sunday but spent most of that day doing “something close to nothing but different from the day before.” (extra points if you know where that comes from – think 80’s) I watched Avatar (not for the small screen, clearly) and got very little done, hoping I’d have a productive evening. But then Carolyn called and mentioned a blog she liked – That was it. I was totally sucked in and read for hours, laughing my head off at times, which often left to coughing but was worth it. I finally stopped at 9:35, only because I clicked on a facebook link and it wouldn’t go back. I took that as a sign and blazed through the kitchen, finally getting that cleaned up. I went to bed just after 10:00, feeling better about facing the week. I hadn’t cooked a thing so was facing a week of PB&J and eating out of the freezer but there are worse things.

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