Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week 46 - Better with Time

The funk I was in the previous week was getting better day by day. It took some time but I realized one man couldn't bring down our entire democracy so I chilled out. I also continued trying to be positive so started rotating Monday morning. I might not be able to control much but I could control what I eat.

On that front, Tuesday was a bit of a fail. I'd brought a salad intending to eat healthy but it was the International Food Day where all the international student clubs cook food from their country and so my rotation went out the window. I didn't eat tons but did enjoy a plate of Russian food that was defintely calorie worthy. Then Erica called to invite me for dinner. 

She'd asked me for a ride to pick up her car in Wahoo and since I drive right by her house on my way home, I happily agreed. She was in the process of packing for a move on the weekend so was trying to use up food and so had a banquet planned. How could I refuse? I got there ~6:30 after stopping at the grocery store to stock up on produce and dined on pork roast, mashed potatoes, squash, corn and a roll with apple crisp for dessert. Erica and I chatted in the car at her mechanic and then I went home to unload all my groceries. It was a long day but fun and Wednesday was another day for 600 calories.

I did fine Wednesday and had managed to lose 5 pounds when I weighed myself Thursday morning. I was still up from the start of the office weight loss challenge but at least the scale was moving in the right direction. Good thing because Thursday was birthday lunch for Cheryl and Nora plus Cindy had baked my fave decadent chocolate cake from the Silver Palate cookbook that was so popular in the 80's. We ate it at 8:30 in the morning. Yummy but sheesh! Lunch was good too and everyone liked their socks and Friday was another day. Layton and I went to the Chinese buffet and I was pretty good - veggies and chicken skewers because I couldn't stomach more baked fish having eaten that twice already for dinner. After swimming and stopping at Aldi for my turkey on Friday night, I was ready for the weekend.

My cousin's new grandson was being baptized on Sunday and Van's mom was picking up flowers in Wahoo so we'd made plans for lunch so I could meet the baby. Brenda got a late start though and I had to leave town at 1:00 so we just met up and chatted at the florist. Cute, smily baby btw. Then I picked Andrea up and we headed to Fremont for spinning, with plans to hit a couple of grocery stores afterwards for Thanksgiving sales. But Andrea had the fabulous idea to go to Farmer Brown's for prime rib and I jumped on board. We thought they opened at 5:30 but it was 5:00 so we had to wait in the bar for the first seating to finish. Even so, we were done by 6:30. Not only was it yummy but I had leftover prime rib for a sammie. But the night wasn't over then....

Since we were so close to Omaha and I'd failed to get the seasonal crackers I love at the Lincoln Aldi, we decided to hit the new Aldi in Omaha. Not only did they have the crackers, but eggs were on sale for 28 cents a dozen and butter for less than $2 a pound. We stocked up for ourselves and Andrea's sister (she of the 9 kids) then dropped the stuff at Anne Marie's so I got to meet her new baby, Gemma, who is only a couple of weeks old. Nothing wrong with a 2 baby day, am I right?

I had to be on the road Sunday by 9:00 so there was no lounging the next morning. I had to stop 2 places to find a baptism card then took the wrong exit off the highway, which I'd opted to do instead of driving through Lincoln, so had to call Anne for directions from the country intersection I was at when I gave up. Yes, I know I need a smart phone! Someday.... I was still early to the church and enjoyed the service and lunch afterwards. Luckily it didn't go too long so I was home by 2:30. 

With the recent time change, my daylight hours are pretty limited so I got busy. I'd brought in all my geraniums and lantanas but they were just all over the place. I pulled the plant stands out of the garage, cleaned them up then started repotting, finishing just as the sun was going down. I felt good about my progress and now wouldn't have to worry about moving them so the cleaning lady could clean. With that in mind, I did all the rest of the prep - putting laundry away, doing all the pots and pans and clearing surfaces before getting ready for bed. Nice. 

So, it was the end of another super busy weekend but I'd had lots of fun, had a house stocked for Thanksgiving and was facing only 3 days at work. Nothing not to love about that. : )

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