Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week 47 - Knee Reading Correlation

I was so looking forward to a three day work week but it seems that the world was conspiring to cram those three days full. 

I started the morning Monday making a chocolate bread pudding to take to knitting and at work it was the only normal day with a nice long lunch with Dodie at Honest Abe's and knitting after work. I was dreading Tuesday, when the whole day was scheduled to be a conference call for online training on new software, only stopping at 3;00 when we had the first interview for Josh's position. At least the day flew and we had enough breaks, including a nice lunch at Panera with Cindy, that it wasn't hellish. We had more training Wednesday morning and another interview scheduled for 11:00 on Wednesday, after which Cindy and I hit the thrifts. We were hoping for an early let out but were so busy after lunch that we didn't get the word until 3:30. I happily headed home for a four day break. No alarms and no obligations - bring it on!

After enjoying afternoon tea on a weekday (a total treat), I made a pumpkin pie to kick off Thanksgiving and went to bed early. Good thing because I managed to hit my alarm button as I was putting my book back on the nightstand so woke up to a dreaded alarm on Thanksgiving morning. Fail! I put the turkey in the oven and then settled in for some TV. I always get choked up watching the parade and dog show. I think because it reminds me of my mother and childhood in general. I was having a low key dinner with just broccoli and squash casserole to go with the turkey and stuffing and it was all good. I was eating by 1:30 and enjoyed some relaxing knitting in the sun and talking to my sister. I decided mid-afternoon that there was no point in trying to fit the turkey back in the fridge so had it torn apart and the bones boiling for stock by dinnertime. It was a nice day and reminded me of how much I have to be thankful for. That's a success in my book.

Friday was my day to get busy. After getting the laundry started and hung out on the line, I innocently started to organize my sock drawer and before you know it, I'd gone through every bit of clothing in my bedroom - closet and both bedrooms. I was cut throat in getting rid of things so had 3 big bags for Goodwill, a stack for Helen and a few to take to work for Nora. Then I headed downstairs to go through stuff in the craft room while the sun was streaming in. I spent 2 hours down there and while I didn't have much to get rid of, it was better organized. I could do that every afternoon for a month and still not be done but I still felt good to have started. 

I had found a heated mattress pad at the thrifts, which I've sorely needed since rearranging my bedroom and putting my bed over the only heat duct. I brought it in from the line and made the bed with sweet smelling sheets before I sat down for the night, pleased with all I'd gotten done. I put together a plate of leftovers for an early dinner but as soon as I was done eating, my stomach felt off. I ate a Tums and went to bed early, loving my nice, warm bed and reading for a long time before falling asleep, something I hadn't been doing when my bed was cold. Unfortunately I woke up at 11:00 and knew I'd be sick. I drank some pepto but to no avail. I was puking at midnight, at which point my stomach should have been empty but wasn't. I did feel much better though and went back to bed, sleeping late Saturday morning.

My stomach felt fine but I still ate a bland breakfast just in case. I had showered and put on fresh veg clothes, intending to knit the morning away sitting in the sun and then head downstairs again. Then Lorri stopped in and asked if I wanted to go to Our Corner Cottage for small business Saturday. Since I'd gone through my stocking bag and found Carolyn's pile lacking, I threw on some clothes and joined her. After Our Corner Cottage, where I found plenty, we hit the stores in downtown Wahoo and I bought more. By the time I got home at 2:30, I was ravenous (stomach was clearly fine) and I had a pile of presents so the heat was off. Unfortunately I'd missed the sun so didn't get back downstairs but it was worth it. I had fun doing my bit to support local businesses with Lorri.

Where did the four days go? It was already Sunday and I had things to do to get ready for the work week, which was going to be - GASP - 5 days long! I can't remember what I did all day and I'm sure there was lots of knitting but the four days off had gone too quickly. One good thing was all the reading in bed, which I do on my stomach, was stretching my bad knee better than anything I'd done since PT and my knee was feeling better. Not enough to postpone surgery but still better. I'll take any improvement I can get and what a boon that it is so easy to do, especially as I was enjoying the book so much - Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, which Cindy had recommended. Nice.

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