Thursday, December 22, 2016

Week 49 - Christmas Prep Galore

It was a relatively quiet week with lots of pre-Christmas preparations. Me and the rest of the planet (or the ones who celebrate Christmas anyway.) My goal was to get everything done during the week so I could hunker down on the weekend. That made for a very busy week but all worth it.

While mundane, I just have to share that I got a new Sonicare toothbrush and absolutely love it! I have contemplated buying one for years and finally did it on amazon. My teeth have never felt cleaner and after just a few days of using it, my teeth are visibly whiter and have less plaque. Yay! If you’ve never tried one, you should.

My shoulder has been getting more painful with every passing day so when I was at Walgreens picking up my photo order, I stocked up on lidocaine patches. I had Anne put my first one on after swimming Wednesday night and got the best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages. These patches are fabulous! I also called my shoulder doc and made an appointment for first thing Monday. It’s clearly time to get this taken care of.

When I headed home Friday night, I was completely prepared for a weekend at home with a fully stocked larder and a big to do list. I had a lovely morning knitting in the sun on Saturday and was up and gluing down pictures by 10:00. The calendars went together easier than any other year (must have been our fabulous page designs) and I was done by lunch time, after which I cleared the bar and started wrapping. I had Ginny’s stocking wrapped before I sat down for tea. When I was putting her box together, which included a big pampered chef deviled egg tray that had been sitting unused in my basement for years, I could not find a cookbook I knew I’d set aside for her and so started digging. What did I find but a box full of stocking stuffers I hadn’t found when I sorted through them after Thanksgiving! I knew I should have had more. I added the few in there to Carolyn’s pile but put everything for my sister away for next year. Sheesh!

After a rotation dinner (I was on my sixth day of a 600/900 week and was down 4 pounds), I forced myself to get back out of my chair where I was happily knitting and watching Mary Poppins. I was tired of standing but felt great when I finished wrapping Carolyn’s stocking. With that done, I was going into Sunday with just my chores to do. Nice.

I was still feeling some Christmas knitting pressure. I was on the 2nd sock of Lorri’s Christmas socks but still had an entire cowl to knit and another pair of Christmas socks plus a pair of baby booties. With that in mind, I pulled some thick/thin bulky yarn for the cowl and then called Andrea to borrow big needles because mine were nowhere to be found. She was coming over with compost so dropped the needles off. I had started chores but then got sucked into knitting the cowl (it took 4 cast ons to get it right) so ended the day with the cowl done but not the chores. Oh well. I can finish those during the week. Christmas to do’s trump chores at this point. Am I right?

I hope you all are making big progress on your Christmas prep. Just 2 more weeks to go! Ho ho ho.

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