Thursday, November 17, 2016

Week 45 - A Horrible Week

OMG! I went into the week so hopeful, thinking we'd be electing our first woman president. Despair doesn't begin to describe how I felt when I got up at 2:30 on Wednesday morning to see that Trump had won the electoral college (not the popular vote AGAIN just like Bush - seriously WTF?) I was up for hours before falling back to sleep and then was in a fog all day Wednesday. I couldn't even swim that night. And the funk lasted for days. Truth be told, it's still not completely gone but I'm working on it.

I guess I should explain. While I'm somewhat afraid for what idiocy Trump will pull, I know our democracy will survive him. The problem for me is that this vote was a blow to my faith in the goodness of humanity. I still cannot understand how anyone could listen to the hate spewing from Trump's mouth and vote for him. I spent some time talking with friends on Saturday and then found a video of Michael Moore on Morning Joe with his take on it. By Sunday morning I had started to feel some peace. It's going to be a slow process.

In the meantime, I've been trying to do small things to bring some positive energy to the world. Here's my list so far:

  • Upped my payroll deduction donation to the Lincoln Food Bank
  • Gave $100 towards Thanksgiving turkeys to the People's City Mission
  • Bought some sock yarn I absolutely didn't need
  • Found a pillow for the cover I bought at Ikea of the cheeky robin who is going to be my mascot for hope. Isn't it cute?

I'm looking to do more of this stuff so please share any ideas you've have.

I don't know if it helped or hurt that it was a stressful week at work. We were slamming to do a big training session for all of the payroll clerks on campus on the new FLSA regulations that are going into effect December 1st. The training was at 12:30 on Thursday and we were still formatting handouts at 10:00 that morning. Now I hadn't worked any extra hours like Cindy did but it was still stressful. The 3 hour training went well but when it was over, reality set in and my mood plummeted. I had started the day stepping in vomit in the parking lot and then on the way home, I got peed on by a puppy when I stopped to pet him. Could this day go any further downhill? I went home to stream anything and everything I could find on how Trump won, finding nothing to help unfortunately.

Tears were just below the surface all day Friday and after sitting through 1.5 hours of a tedious conference call, I was ready to be done. I stuck it out until 5:00 so I could swim but even that didn't go particularly well. At least it was the weekend. I had a Friends meeting Saturday morning and hadn't done a treasurer's report since spring so dug out all my bank statements and prepped that. At least it kept my mind off things. I slept like crap again, as I had every night since Tuesday.

With a Friends meeting at 9:30, a much needed morning of leisure was out. I was showered, dressed and at the library with my report in hand but only one other person was there. Not the president who'd called the meeting mind you - just another member. We checked the email and we had the right date but after 15 minutes we left. Really? This is the week I had to get up and out for nothing? Not happy. At least I got all the banking done and I had a great discussion with the president when she called to apologize, which did go a ways towards getting me out of my funk. And I was home for the afternoon.

But that had a wrinkle too. Years ago, I'd made project bags for my knitting group out of Downton Abbey fabric as consolation prizes for our first WIP contest. Shortly thereafter, one of the knitters presented me with some fabric she'd bought and asked me to make her a bigger bag, which I agreed to, telling her not to hold her breath. Well, a few weeks ago she asked if there was enough fabric to make a bag for everyone. For ME to make a bag for everyone. Do you see how that works? I get to do all the work between working full-time, swimming and fitting all my chores and fun 2 days each weekend. I put her off but then she called to ask again and when I said I didn't want to make them, she turned to extortion, reminding me that her husband had done some handyman work for me. Keep in mind, I'd made him a pie every time he helped me out and I always send him treats when I bake for knitting. I was pissed! When I checked the fabric there was nowhere near enough fabric (just 3 half yard pieces) to make them for everyone so I spent Saturday afternoon making her one big bag so I could hand it over and call it done. 

And hand it over I did. She had invited the knitters to her house for Sunday afternoon as a house warming party since she'd recently moved back to her husband's home place. I went early and gave her the bag, explaining that I'd only had enough for one with the fabric she provided and the leftovers were in the bag. She thanked me and we all had a lovely afternoon with knitting, friends and yummy food. I brought a banana layer cake with cream cheese frosting and left the half that wasn't eaten for her husband. : )

By Sunday evening, my mood was considerably improved. I did watch Trump on 60 minutes and it seemed to me that he was back pedaling and moderating from the hateful rants he spewed during the election. Buoyed with a slight feeling of hope, I started in on the last of my chores. I was starting a 600/900 week the next day so cleaned out the produce drawers (an insane amount went to the compost pile) and got ready for a new week. It can only get better, right?

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