Friday, December 9, 2016

Week 48 - Everything's Too Hard

It was a bear of a week. Everything seemed to be harder than normal and I had a few humdingers that added nothing good. But I ended the week with a super productive weekend, getting a big head start on Christmas prep so it all worked out.

The first issue was Christmas trees. I've been getting my trees - one for inside and another for the deck - at Menard's for years. I get 4-5 foot trees and usually get out of there in 20 minutes for <$30. Since it was in the 50's on Monday and the long term forecast showed much colder temps, I headed to Menard's over lunch, only to find they had no small trees. None. And their naked wreaths were $10! Home Depot was in the same parking lot so I went there and found it all. Now the inside tree is labeled "evergreen" because it's no species I've ever seen and has the absolute spikiest needles ever. Oh well. Maybe that will dissuade the kitten from trashing the tree. The other tree and wreath are fine but in my travels between the stores, I managed to tip over the newly filled bag of cat food I keep in the back to feed the campus cats. Twice. So I was back on campus with holiday greenery but cat food everywhere. And now pine needles. Whatever. Done.

My Fit was registered through the 30th so I'd made an appointment at the Lincoln Honda dealership for Tuesday to get the airbag recall taken care of. This left me leaving Wahoo at 6:30 a.m., which made for a totally whacked morning. I bummed a ride back to Honda with Dodie then while super hungry, went to Aldi just for milk. $65 later! Then I hit Trader Joe's and was happy to leave for <$30. What a LONG day by the time I got home though.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning when I had a training class at 8:30, which I always struggle to get to. I'm an 8:15 person on a good day but inherited this class and its too early start time from a co-worker. So I'm sailing down the highway, with the cruise set but foot on the gas anyway, when I see a cop behind me lights ablaze. His first question was when I had my last speeding ticket and I fessed up that it was in October so off he went to write me another one. He was very nice and I called a friend to prep my class while I was pulled over so the class was fine. Now I have to do stop class though or my insurance will skyrocket. Grrr.... first thing I did was have Cindy change my future classes to 9:00. Who needs this?

The last thing that happened that was the icing on the cake was at lunch on Thursday. Cindy and I went thrifting and at my favorite store, someone swiped something out of my cart while my back was turned looking through stuff on a shelf. Now it wasn't my purse or anything important but who does that? The person must have made a beeline to the registers because we looked around for the offender but didn't find them and the cashier confirmed that someone had checked out with my item. Whatever. I was over the negativity for the week.

At 8:00 Thursday night, I actually got up from watching TV and made tetrazzini with the last of the Thanksgiving turkey and loaded it up in my freezer in individual casseroles. Because, get this, I scheduled my knee replacement surgery for March 9th! With all this talk of problems, I forgot to mention that. It's a big relief to have that scheduled and now I can move forward with that date in mind. Step 1 - cook for when I'm home and can't stand to cook. That was a step in a positive direction.

I continued the positive trend Friday morning by basement shopping. 3 of my 4 office mates had mentioned wanting/needing something that I had in my basement storage room not being used so I went downstairs first thing and in 5 minutes had a corelle plate (for avoiding nuking in plastic), a vintage sewing chest and a huge butter dish. I washed them all up and presented them at work. Everyone was happy, including me because 3 things were out of my house. I also brought some rubber stamps as inspiration for our calendar page day on Saturday and Nora and I had fun going through them and brainstorming. The day ended at the pool so I was exercised and showered when I got home to start the weekend.

Nora, Cheryl and I were making our calendar pages on Saturday but I had to pick up money at the library and deposit it before leaving to drive to Lincoln so I didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn. I had time for a leisurely breakfast, a chat with Carolyn and pulling all my supplies together. It started snowing just after I got to Nora's and we had a lovely day full of creativity and fun. The page designs seemed to come easier than previous years so I was on the road as the sun was going down and home before full dark. It had stopped snowing mid-afternoon but the roads were most likely treacherous once the temp dropped but I wouldn't know because I was cozy at home.

I had a totally productive day on Sunday but had enough time to intersperse knitting and streaming (The Crown on Netflix, which I'm really enjoying. Check it out.) with chores. It was warm enough out that I spent some time getting my outside decorations up, including my deck tree, which always makes me happy. At the end of the day, I went next door with all the paperwork to officially transfer ownership of the Fit to my neighbors so that was off the list too.

For all the hassles early in the week, the week turned out better than average. I feel like I'm well on my way with Christmas prep, have a plan for my knee and am down to one car. All good, right? And a fun thing that's bringing me daily pleasure is my sock yarn advent calendar. Could there be anything more perfect for me? Doubtful.

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