Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 13 - Happy in Spring

It was spring break week at UNL so with no swimming and another hour of daylight, I had high hopes to get outside after work. And with a podiatrist appointment at 9:00 on Monday and no power pump either, I got to sleep in on Monday. Now that’s a nice start to a week, especially when my Mondays are such long days with knitting after work. The weather was spectacular but knitting prevailed.

The weather was nice Tuesday too but I had the rescheduled knitting at Anne’s with Kate after work so enjoyed a lovely night of lasagna, knitting and chatting. Unfortunately the weather turned cold that night so working outside was off the list for the rest of the week. Bummer but I had to keep telling myself it’s only March.

The work week was fine. I had training both Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and both were in alternate rooms I’d never trained in because our training room was down for the count during the Payroll/AP remodel. Both rooms had challenges but I did manage some modified training so felt good about that. I was also the answer woman on Friday, doing a project that made my boss happy and another dig into ancient data files for one of the accountants, who thanked me in front of the boss. Golden, right?

On the diet front, I was preparing for another rotation but this one with added fat. I’d decided to stick with my regular rotation menus but add fat because what can you take away from a 600 calorie day and not keel over? So after a stock up at Aldi on Wednesday, I was ready to start a rotation on Thursday morning. With all the emphasis on fat I was short in the produce department but cobbled together a salad with grilled steak, homemade oil/vinegar salad dressing and a small avocado. Well, I ate the salad, which tasted like heaven with the added dressing, at 12:30 on Thursday and at 6:30 that night was still not hungry. I had to force myself to eat my swordfish and veg dinner only because I didn’t want to wake up starving in the wee hours. So, with the added fat completely stopping my hunger, it was now a matter of seeing if I would still lose weight.

Besides the lack of hunger, Thursday evening was particularly nice. I had just hung up with Andrea to let her know I’d be dropping something at the office on the way home when my radio station had a contest. I figured what the heck so called and won. It’s a $50 gift card to Defy Gravity, which I’ll never use but can donate to the library for a summer reading program prize. Then I stopped at the farm store in Wahoo in hopes of finding some of the Science Diet I’ve been feeding my cats for years that has been discontinued. Not only did I find 2 bags but they were $5 off. Nice to have a couple of months more on their regular food before I have to find something else. Then I got home to find 3 packages, which is always fun. I got some orange sandals I’d ordered (I tried some on in Florida but they didn’t have my size so when I found orange ones on clearance, I had to order them), a box of yarn from ebay (total score) and an herbal supplement for sleep that Carolyn had recommended. Adding that it was too cold to be outside so I could have fun knitting and watching TV with no guilt was the icing on the cake. Yay!

Saturday was the annual gardening conference in Council Bluffs, Iowa that I go to every year with 3 other master gardeners. I had purposely tried to choose different sessions topics/speakers than I normally do and so enjoyed learning some new things. The diet was out the windorw though. I ate the bag lunch that was included and had 2 hours of eating veggies in my last session, which was from one of my favorite speakers – Elaine Fenner. She’s a magician with veggies. It was a long but satisfying day and I had Sunday yet for productivity.

I started Sunday with a weigh in and was thrilled to see that I’d lost 6 pounds in 3 days of my rotation menus + fat. Now a bunch of that was water I’m sure but still. I then went on to slam through all the chores for the week. It was Easter but that’s a non-event for me. I usually try to spend it outside but with a weekend’s worth of chores to get done (and the cleaning lady was coming Tuesday so they had to be done), I didn’t have time. I did enjoy hanging out the laundry and managed to sneak in some yarn dyeing that came out exactly how I wanted (I was aiming for the color of red maples about to burst their buds - so a combo of the gray trunks and bright maroon buds) but the rest of the day was all inside. I spent the evening prepping all the produce in my fridge, ending with all kinds of healthy things to eat all week and 2 big bags of scraps for Lori’s chickens. All in all, it was a good end to a fun week and again, it’s still only March. I’ll get outside to garden in April. I do love spring. Enjoy!

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