Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week 10 - Desperate for Recharge

For all intents and purposes, spring has arrived. Now it might end up snowing yet but in the meantime, I sat in shirtsleeves on a bench in the sun on Monday at Hazel Abel Park. It was a 600 calorie day so I’d already scarfed my lunch earlier so enjoyed the sunshine instead of food. Daffodils were just a few days from blooming and I had the park to myself. It was lovely.

The lack of calories left me energy free by the end of the day and I was moving in slow motion as I neatized the house after knitting so it’d be ready for the cleaning lady. I was determined to get it all done because I’d been sleeping badly and didn’t want anything hanging over my head. Alas, it didn’t help. I slept like crap again.

Tuesday was monthly reports so the day flew by. I had bought the ingredients to make a pan of lasagna for Helen, who is home recuperating from surgery. That’s what I thought anyway. I didn’t have any big cans of tomatoes but cobbled some sauce together and had it simmering when I went to pull the cheese out, only to find it was shredded cheddar instead of mozzarella. I had to get dressed again and head to the market. I put it into the oven and it was torture smelling it when I was on another 600 calorie day. Eyes on the prize! I was exhausted but couldn’t fall asleep again so got up and took a shower at 11:00, after which I finally fell asleep. I was beginning to think lack of vegging was having an impact.

I finally got some relaxing time on Wednesday – first with a lovely concert by the Chiarra String Quartet at the library over lunch then when I got home after swimming and sat watching Survivor and knitting. Finally some vegging! It helped because I slept well at last.

Bernie was on campus Thursday, which was kind of fun. Thousands of people lined the street in front of my office and we heard periodic cheering all morning while they waited to get into The Lied Center. I had a nice lunch at Noodles with Dodie and then went right home after work, which felt decadent. I slept well again so was beginning to feel better.

Friday was my normal lunch with Layton then I dropped my car at Auto Connection to have them unrotate my tires, which fixed the horrible road noise. I had corn chowder in the fridge for a knitting night at Anne’s so we could hang with Kate, who doesn’t swim anymore so we don’t see her. But she called Anne and cancelled (sick) so we bailed. I gave Anne half the chowder, went to the pool and then went home for the weekend. With dinner cancelled, my weekend was completely free and I was insanely excited about it.

My goal for Saturday was to sit in the sun and knit, staying in my jammies as long as possible. Success! I got up early, started knitting and didn’t get moving until 2:00. I can’t say I accomplished much of anything at all but it felt wonderful and was the much needed recharge time I was desperate for. I could barely keep my eyes open and went to bed at 8:30. Clearly much needed.

I woke up Sunday at 5:30 and felt like a new woman. I had the kitchen and family room picked up, dishes soaking and laundry done before the sun was up. It was also my first day not rotating so I had a yummy breakfast of oatmeal with raisins. How far I have come that that felt like a treat? 71 pounds down, btw. 

Anyway, when Lorri called to say she couldn’t stop after church because she needed to go to Omaha to pick something up at Barnes & Noble, I offered to go with so we could catch up on the way. We had a nice chat and did a bit of shopping but I was still home by 4:00 in time to enjoy a cup of tea. It was 75 degrees so I opened the windows and started cooking. Baked cauliflower cheese (another treat that’s still pretty darn healthy) and ham. Yum! Then I made bread pudding to take to knitting and steamed Brussels sprouts to go with a casserole I pulled from the freezer for later in the week. By the time I was done, it was time to sit down to the Downton Abbey finale. What a nice week and more spring weather to come. Enjoy!

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  1. Bread pudding at knitting?!? I see nothing on my calendar and Tom will have the boys in Lincoln until after 8pm. I might FINALLY make it tomorrow!!!