Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 9 - Back on Track

This week was about trying to get back to normal. My cold was much better, although still hanging on with light congestion and coughing, so I was able to swim again. That went a long way towards feeling better.

So, as you know, my normal means busy. Monday was knitting after work, Tuesday and Wednesday were swimming and then Darla and I went thrifting on Thursday, which we haven’t done in ages but now Darla is working on East Campus 2 days/week so we might get back into a thrifting routine. By Friday I was exhausted but with a rotation coming on Monday, I had to stop at the grocery store after work. I also hit the bread store, scoring some ultra-thin bread that will mean I can have a sandwich on my 600 calorie days. Yay! I also stopped at the big Goodwill in search of yarn but ended up buying 13 new tops at their 99 cent sale, some in a smaller size since I’m hoping to be another 15 pounds down by the end of this next rotation. All good and I was home for the weekend.

I had never finished my chores from the previous weekend so my house was a bit of a wreck with clean dishes in the drainer and dishwasher, which mean dirty dishes all over the counters, and clean laundry wrinkled in a basket and folded on the couch. So I started Saturday morning getting everything put away and back in order, which felt great. I also went through all the stacks of paper, including a pile of mail that started before my cruise. The 10:30 close of the post office got me out of the house and I ran other errands in town, which is the epitome of my normal Saturday and felt oddly wonderful. After some Wahoo wieners for lunch, I headed to Andrea’s shop to pick her up for a fun Saturday of play.

Cheryl had surprised me with Lincoln Symphony Orchestra tickets for Saturday night that she couldn’t use so I’d called my culture buddy and she was in. Since the Lincoln spinners group, which Andrea belongs to but not I, meets at Yarn Charm Saturday afternoon, we were starting out there then having dinner at Ploughshare before heading to the concert. Despite being on a yarn diet, I bought some fun new sock yarn while the spinners were doing their thing. I made it 2 months but had hoped to go longer. Oh well. Here’s my age old rationalization – I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t do drugs. I just buy too much yarn. Over the years the last sentence has changed but yarn is definitely my purchase of choice these days and I’m OK with that. It's gorgeous, right? Totally my colors. Love it!

Anyway, we stopped at Super Saver before heading to Ploughshare, where we had a wonderful dinner. I enjoyed a pint of one of their ales with brats and cream, which is sort of like beef stroganoff but with sliced brats and with homemade noodles. Yum. Then they had a lemon curd cheesecake on special. There was no way I was skipping that and it was worth every calorie. I only wish Ploughshare were open for lunch because Layton would love it. The symphony was wonderful and I am seriously considering buying tickets to next month’s concert. We didn’t get home until nearly 11:00 but the long day was totally worth it. Plus I still had Sunday with no plans, which is always a joy.

Sunday was also March 1st, which means I started new socks. The challenge was to use our oldest yarn and I had my pattern and yarn all planned so casted on first thing. I then spent the day alternating between chores and knitting, getting lots of both done. Then the evening had the finales of The British Baking Show (love it!) and Downton Abbey. PBS interrupted the baking show constantly with pledge breaks so I took advantage of them to prep veggies and fruit for my rotation. Thankfully, they didn’t do the same with Downton Abbey. I can’t believe we have to wait until January 2016 for season 6. Oh well.

So all in all, it was a good week. I’d gotten caught up, was prepped and ready for another rotation and my cold was almost gone. I did get some sad news on Friday about a knitting friend having cancer but I’m sending positive vibes and am hopeful for her. It makes me realize that you have to enjoy every day because you never know what will happen. On that thought, have a wonderful week. Spring really is on the way, regardless of what frozen hell we’re in now. A flock of robins was eating crabapples on my tree, which is proof enough for me.

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