Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week 10 - Spring is Coming!

So there isn’t much to say about the week days. There was prepping for Nora to be out next week, doing monthly reports and slamming on stuff when I got home after swimming. I started another rotation so there wasn’t much cooking to do but I had time for the many little things on the list, which are now crossed off. The weekend arrived in a flash.

The weather had finally changed and we were getting some long overdue warmth. Of course it couldn’t be seasonal but rather either side of 60 for the highs. I chose to ignore the worrisome aspects of that and enjoy the weather. I did laundry and hung it on the line (always one of my favorite things and it’s technically a chore) and did a bunch of cooking to make up for my lack thereof on my 600/900 calorie week. I made a big pot of pea soup to take to a friend who had her knee replaced, a big pot of red sauce since my freezer was out and pasta is a dinner option in my 1200 calorie week and a small batch of chicken soup with the carcass from the rotisserie chicken I’d eaten all week. It felt good to be cooking again.

Sunday was my rescheduled birthday tea, which was postponed due to a snow storm. What a difference a month makes! We were able to sit outside for about an hour on Lori’s porch before the wind drove us inside. Michelle had brought Jones Brothers cupcakes, which we cut into halves or fourths so we could try more kinds with our tea. While it wasn’t in my 900 calorie plan, it was totally worth the calories and I enjoyed every bite. With the time change making it light so late, we didn’t leave until almost 7:00. It was a wonderful day of knitting in the sun with friends. Does it get any better? The only downer was by the time I went to bed on Sunday I had an earache. At last my cold had settled somewhere and it wasn’t good but at least I’d finally be going to the doctor after 3.5 weeks of this. Because there are 2 things that can’t be ignored in my world – earaches and toothaches. At least it wasn’t the latter. 

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