Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 13 - Spring Break Week

I was looking forward to this week. Not only was I taking a break from rotating but it was also spring break so we had no swimming. Much as I love the pool, I was happy to be going right home for a change and was hoping to get some yard work done. Unfortunately things didn’t work out as planned.

Monday night was knitting and I hadn’t planned anything for dinner so just opened a can of soup, which was totally unsatisfying for my first non-diet supper in 3 weeks. I then ate some jelly beans at knitting (so not worth the calories) so felt like I shouldn’t have the ice cream I’d planned when I got home. Not a banner day for not rotating.

I made up for that on Tuesday, when the water aerobics gang went out to Ploughshare for dinner. I had a spinach and beet salad with curried butternut squash soup. They were absolutely delicious and hit the spot. The only desserts didn’t sound good but Anne got the chocolate hazelnut cheesecake and offered me a bite. Now I don’t like chocolate in my cheesecake but the chocolate was only in the crust. I ended up eating half of her dessert. Yum.

The week was full of training. I had my 2 regular monthly classes on Tuesday and Thursday and was extending Thursday’s class for a one-on-one session with one person. On Wednesday morning I sat in on Nora’s portal class because I know the day is coming when I’ll have to teach it. Wednesday afternoon, Nora and I were presenting at a retreat for the out station employees from all over the state so we went to HyVee for lunch between the two sessions and then hit the Animal Science meat store on our way to the retreat. After the presentation, which had some technical issues so we ran out of time, we tagged along on a tour of Innovation Campus, which was impressive. We didn’t get done until 5:30 so I got home too late to cook. Good thing I have a chock full freezer. I grabbed a casserole and enjoyed dinner while watching Survivor. What a nice day.

Have you noticed that by this point I haven’t been home right after work once? Well, Thursday was my first hope for going straight home. Dodie and I had thrifted over lunch and I’d found a pair of jeans that should actually fit so that was fun. But it was raining all afternoon and by the time I headed home, it was snowing. Yes, after having beautiful spring weather, it was snowing huge quarter sized flakes for my ride home. So much for getting any gardening done. I had to keep telling myself it’s only March.

We went to Green Gateau on Friday, which was lovely and a break for Layton, who has been so good about eating where I could while rotating. We even had dessert, which meant it was a long lunch but oh well. And talk about a short afternoon! I ran a bunch of errands on the way home (9 stops and a 30 mile drive in less than 2 hours) and was ready for the weekend. Saturday was the Council Bluffs gardening conference a few of us go to every year so I had to set my alarm on a Saturday. Sacrilegious! The conference was fun, as usual, but killed the whole day. I had snack supper (Guinness with cracker and cheese) for dinner and watched The Theory of Everything while knitting. What a lovely day.

Sunday was filled with chores. It was super windy so working outside wasn’t an option (still only March) but I got the house picked up, did all my laundry and ironed some smaller sized clothes from the basement, which should make getting dressed in the morning a bit easier. Then I cooked up a storm so have plenty of food for the coming week, which will be my last before another rotation. In honor of that, I made mini bundt cakes to take to knitting, banana bread for work and total comfort food for dinner – beef, onions and mushrooms in gravy over mashed potatoes with Brussels sprouts. Yum and there’s plenty more to eat this coming week, when I’ll be back in the pool. Hopefully the spring weather will be back so I can sneak in some yard work. Iffy but I can hope. Happy Spring!

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