Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 12 - Spring Has Sprung

I started the week by oversleeping. I had screwed up resetting my alarm clock and my coffee pot after losing power on Sunday and the cats failed to wake me up. I woke up an hour late and still managed to get to work on time. Pretty miraculous but not a restful start to the week. To top that off, it was freaky hot out – 89 degrees! It was just tolerable knitting outside at lunch but I didn’t go out for an afternoon break, knowing it’d be too damn hot. Sheesh! Knitting was fun and it was good to be inside but a cold  front came through while we were in the library and the temperature plummeted. Frankly, it was better than mid-summer weather in winter.

Tuesday was a food day and I foolishly thought I could find something to eat that wouldn’t blow my diet. Not so much. I ate as wisely as I could but it was still too much, which wasn’t hard to do on a 600 calorie day. At least I learned an important lesson so next time I’ll bring my own lunch or I’ll schedule them for weeks I’m not rotating. I tried to make up for the extra calories by swimming but no one but me showed up so class was cancelled. Oh well.

The rest of the week was a blur. Work was steady and I finally did get to swim on Thursday night. One night is better than none. I made a beeline home on Friday, excited for the first weekend of spring, which was going to be gorgeous.

I spent most of the weekend outside. On Saturday I worked in the veg garden and cleared out lots of weed trees then dug a new bed along my neighbor’s chain link fence and planted two kinds of peas. I also created a new compost heap against the same fence. All that took most of the afternoon. I was back outside Sunday morning but started out front, clearing the pots from the driveway, refurbing the old herb bed and transplanting a Wahoo tree from out back, where the thicket of them is too close to my veg beds. Then I edged the entire driveway. And cleared the bed under the front windows. I was dead tired when I was done but the front of the house looks great so all worth it. After a shower and a cup of tea, I was ready for some knitting. I did run to Lori’s with a big bag of scraps for her chickens and to get gas. What a productive weekend! I need a few more of those.

This coming week is spring break at UNL so no swimming. I hope to get home early enough a couple of nights to keep up the yard work. It won’t be as warm as this weekend but hopefully I can get an hour in before dinner and dark. I need to get exercise someway because I just finished my second rotation. I was very tempted by snacks late in the week but resisted and it was all worth it. I lost another 18 pounds so am down 29 in my 2 rotations (there are some cruise pounds in there I had to lose twice.) Getting dressed in the morning is becoming a chore but capri season is coming so I’ll have a few more options. It’s all good. Have a nice week.

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