Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 11 - Too Much Knitting?

The highlight of the week was the weather. It was unseasonably warm and I chose to ignore the worrisome aspects of that and just enjoy it. The nice weather was perfectly timed with Lincoln Public Schools spring break, which mean campus was quiet because many parents stayed home with their kids, Nora included. The phone didn’t ring much and I was able to power through my to do list. Nice.

I started the week with a doctor’s appointment Monday afternoon for my earache. Yup, it was an ear infection and I left with a prescription for antibiotics with a warning from the doctor that it might be hard on my stomach and to eat lots of yogurt to hopefully prevent a yeast infection. At first I didn’t have stomach problems but rather intestinal issues. Only after a few days did I realize that my stomach being so funky after dinner that I couldn’t eat my fruit (a big treat on this diet) and resorted to Tums before bed was because of the antibiotic. I switched to taking it right before bed and that helped some. The earache was gone in a day but I have 9 more days of drugs. Ugh.

I had no lunch plans until Friday with Layton so spent lunch every day knitting in the sun on a bench in Love Gardens, which felt wonderful. I also took some afternoon breaks and got even more knitting done. I was whipping through socks, finishing one in four days, plus got a bit of color on my pasty winter skin for the first time since the cruise. It was the end of the week before I knew it.

And what was on the calendar for the weekend? Even more knitting. Lori’s sister was in town so she invited her cousin, Andrea and me to knit at her house on Saturday. After a Friends meeting Saturday morning and a few errands, I headed to Lori’s with a lemon sponge pie I’d made to celebrate Pi Day. I was on a 1200 calorie day so planned to enjoy a piece because it would be worth the calories. And it was. We had a lovely day knitting on the front porch. I had done so much knitting all week that my right arm hurt so I mostly unraveled a sweater instead of knitting and the break seemed to help my arm. I didn’t leave Lori’s until nearly 7:00 so it was a full day. Full of happy that is.

I slept like crap and was up from 3:15 to 5:00 but then got a couple more hours of sleep, after which I was fully functional. Andrea and I had planned an early Omaha run on Sunday. I was picking her up at 8:30 and we were hitting Trader Joe’s, Aldi and Penzey’s with the idea that we’d be home by noon so I could do my chores. All was going well until we hit a snag at Joann’s plus added 2 more stops so we got home closer to 1:30.

After a quick lunch, I started in on laundry and made a list for the rest so I could power through. I was on the phone when my neighbor was at my back door. I had heard some sirens but hadn’t noticed that my neighbor’s house 4 doors down was on fire. The electricity went off and I spent the next couple of hours outside with neighbors watching the firemen work. Thankfully the family got out but the house was a total loss (some of this video was shot from my driveway.) I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose everything. To top it all off, the family’s father is in Iraq. So sad.

Anyway, when the electricity came back on I worked like a banshee to make up for the lost time. I got my chores done but not the cooking I’d planned, which meant I’d be going into my 600/900 calorie week with nothing prepared for dinners. I guess I’ll be grilling some meat and eating veg from the freezer. At least I have a house. Seeing my neighbor’s house go up in flames makes me feel so grateful for everything I have and spring. I love spring and its on the way. It’s all good.

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  1. Love the sock! Let me know how the diet goes! I should be doing that too. Sorry about your neighbors.