Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week 35 - Better Every Day

Like I said, when you start the week with a colonoscopy, it can only get better. And between the colonoscopy on Monday and Friday a vacation day, it was a short week, which is always nice. Kind of like a bonus for putting up with all the sh*t. : )

It was good to get back to normal on Tuesday - eating, working, swimming, everything. I taught that afternoon so the day flew but I experienced some discomfort while I was slamming around in the pool so maybe I should have taken a day off? I just moved deeper and that helped some but I was glad to be done and headed home for dinner. It's amazing what not eating for the a day and a half will do towards making you appreciate a meal.

I took my car into my mechanic on Wednesday to check out the strange road noise I'd been hearing. They checked everything, including the wheel bearings, and said it was the tires, which were "cupping." I had lunch with Dodie then went out for coffee in the afternoon with a programmer I'd worked with on IDM to wish him well on his move to Texas. Then there was no swimming so it felt like a short day in a short week. Nice!

I woke up at 4:00 a.m. on Thursday and couldn't get back to sleep so got up and finished washing pots and pans and watched some West Wing (my current binge watching on Netflix) before work. After lunch with Darla, I taught again all afternoon so the day flew again. I went home to do laundry and finish packing so I could be on the road first thing. Well, Andrea had reminded me that house taxes were due so I couldn't leave Wahoo until 8:00 when the courthouse opened but early enough.

I paid my taxes and got on the road. I was dropping yarn at a friend's house on the way and so would be taking the most direct route that takes a bit longer but is picturesque. After a few stops, which involved some thrift shops and potty breaks, I decided the scenic route was all that and so called Nora at work to get the route numbers to go scenic all the way - across northern Nebraska all the way to Chadron before heading north. Well, that seemed like a good idea until about hour 9, when I had just crossed into South Dakota and still had 2.5 hours to go. Never again! After 11.5 hours behind the wheel, I was beat. It was great to see Connie though and we went out to dinner in a neighboring town where a friend of Gordy's was playing. We didn't stay long though so I went to bed pretty early, which I needed. Get this though. I went to get into the bed and found it full of cat hair. Since I was the last one up, I brushed some of the hair off and went to bed uncaring. When I asked Connie about it she said she'd asked Gordy to "make the bed," which he did. She should have specifically asked him to change the sheets apparently. Men!

Gordy redeemed himself by making us bacon and eggs in his "outdoor kitchen." This is a table he built against the house with a hotplate and a crockpot. Worked for me. We ate outside in the cool air while watching deer outside the fence. Perfect. Connie and I headed to Rapid City where we ran errands, did a little shopping and got a frapuccino before heading to Chubby Chupmunk for truffles. Best.truffles.ever. I spent $52 on enough for us, work and gifts. We watched 42 and went to bed.

Sunday was another wonderful day. We made a picnic lunch (have you tried making chicken salad with red grapes and walnuts? Am I the last person to find out how yummy this is?) and headed to Rough Lock Falls, which is half way up Spearfish Canyon and a wonderful place to wade. After walking along the falls, we found a picnic table to eat and then put our feet in the water. For 2 seconds because any longer was painful. Still made me happy to get my feet wet. From there we headed to Rochford, which is a wide spot in the road WAY up in the hills. At 2:00 people started showing up for song circle with guitars but one guy had a banjo. Lots of other people were there to listen. It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. When we headed back down, we stopped and had dinner at Dough Traders Pizza in Spearfish, which was wonderful - a fitting end to a fun day. What a pleasant contrast to the colonoscopy at the beginning of the week. : )

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