Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week 38 - Finding Lost Friends

It was a nice week. The weather broke, which made me very happy, and I had a wonderful surprise at the end of the week.

I got my 15 year service award on Tuesday, which was followed by the all university picnic so half the day was gone in a flash. I left early for an eye doctor appointment and so was home in time to make a nice dinner. After an evening of knitting, I went to bed early and slept like a rock. That was probably why I woke up in a fabulous mood on Wednesday. Then we were having a food day for a woman in AP who was retiring and those are always fun. After an afternoon that crawled by, the storms that came through and brought the cool weather were the icing on the cake. I was thrilled that fall weather was finally here.

Thursday and Friday flew by, punctuated by nice lunches with Dodie on Thursday and Layton on Friday. I was looking forward to the weekend to finish up the house cleaning. Yes,I did just say that.

I had errands to run in town on Saturday, which I got done in such short order that I worked up a sweat and had to shower before meeting Lori at Chips for lunch. I hadn’t invited Andrea because her shop is open until 1:00, which was when I was supposed to pick her up to go to spinning. But Lori had stopped at the shop and convinced Andrea to close up and come to lunch, which was yummy as usual. Then Andrea and I left for Fremont where she was teaching a class on Dorset buttons. From there we went to Goodwill then stopped at Lori’s to pick up produce. Her garden is amazing and we left with bags full of kale, cucumbers, tomatoes and butternut squash. I was good and did some cleaning before the end of the day. It helped that Lorri (the other one – 2 R’s) was coming over for lunch. Nothing like a deadline to get me motivated.

I got up and finished my housework on Sunday morning, which felt great. Lorri and I had also decided to pick up lunch at the local catholic church’s roast beef feed, which took the cooking pressure off. It’s a common thing in this area and is the deal of the century. For $9 you get roast beef, mashed potatoes, veg, cole slaw, a roll, a kolache and pie. It’s more than enough to eat twice. Lorri and I got take out enjoyed our lunch in my front room while catching up. After she left, I had a perfectly pleasant afternoon, knitting and doing laundry. But here’s the best thing about the week…

I had talked to Cornelia on Saturday morning and at the end of our call, she mentioned that she’d heard from our friend Maria who was at l’Universite d’Orleans with us. I had stayed in touch with Maria for years and visited her in London for years. The last time I saw her was when I flew over for her wedding. When I moved to Nebraska, we lost touch. I’d tried to find her over the years, going to her parents’ house in Hammersmith only to find they didn’t live there anymore. I even tracked down a John and Maria Ellis in London’s voter rolls and went to their apartment in North London. It wasn’t her. So, I was thrilled that she’d gotten in touch with Cornelia on LinkedIn so I logged into my dormant account and sent her a note. She replied back overnight. I’m excited that we’re back in touch and hope I can see her next year when I’m in France.

What a perfect end to the week and that’s on top of the arrival of fall, both officially and weather wise. My house was as clean as it gets and I’d decided to take Wednesday off to can all the produce I’ve been given in the past week. I’ll do pickle relish, pear jam and chutney as a start. And then there’s the kale to use. So much food, I need the day off. Wish me luck.

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