Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week 36 - Home from Spearfish

We woke up to hot weather on Monday and headed to the coffee shop for breakfast. Connie and Gordy have a big group of friends who meet there every morning so it was fun to meet them and chat. From there it was home to prep for the impromptu cookout they'd cook up for that evening. Connie had to work on her presentation for an interview she had on Wednesday so I got busy cooking - deviled eggs, a peach pie and burgers. Between that I knitted and helped edit the presentation. Just two people came for the cookout, which was nice despite the heat. We ended up inside chatting after we ate, attempting to escape the heat. We did a final edit on the presentation and I edited a file for Gordy's business at the end of the day then I showered and packed so I could get an early start.

I woke up early on Tuesday and had breakfasted and loaded the car before Connie got up at 6:00. I said my goodbyes and stopped at Starbuck's before hitting the road. I was taking the fast way home (only 10 hours) via I-90, which has to be the dullest road EVER. I stopped at every single rest stop along the way, worried that if I didn't I'd be desperate to pee with nowhere to go. I broke for lunch in Mitchell, stopping at two thrift stores, BK and for gas plus did a drive by of The Corn Palace. It's Mitchell's claim to fame but I didn't see the big deal. Kind of like Wall Drug. I guess I'm just not into touristy stuff. I'll take nature any day.

I had planned to cut south between Valentine and Yankton on a route I'd never taken before. But when I got off of the highway at that exit, it was deserted and the next town I'd encounter was 65 miles away. If I went into a ditch, I wouldn't be found for weeks so I got back on I-90 and took it all the way to Sioux Falls, which meant more miles but I could go 75 the whole way. I was listening to Unwind, the book club book, and was enjoying it so the time went pretty quickly. It didn't start feeling endless until I was headed south, which meant another 3.5 hours on smaller roads. By the time I got out of the car at home, I was light headed and exhausted. I forced myself to unpack and get some laundry on before giving up for the night. I went to bed early and was actually looking forward to work and some sense of normalcy.

Before I could get back to normal, I had to meet with the surgeon on Wednesday at 1:00. I had lunch with Helen in the hospital cafeteria beforehand and then listened to the doctor's speech on the wonders of laparoscopic surgery. The good news was I would only be in the hospital for three days and then would have no restrictions. I scheduled the surgery for October 9th and started making pre-surgery lists. Otherwise the rest of the week flew by. All normal. Normal felt great for a change.

Unfortunately my weekend was jam packed and I was a bit cranky about that and had to talk myself out of my funk. I had Friends first thing on Saturday then hit the bag sale before driving to Fremont to meet up with Nancy's friends for afternoon tea at the Loess Hills Lavender Farm. It was blazing hot when we left but the sun went behind clouds, which took the edge off the heat. We had a lovely tea, tempered somewhat by the owner doing a presentation on the farm when we'd have preferred to be chatting over our tea. After shopping in the gift shop, we went out to the fields to pick bunches of lavender, which was the steal of the day at only $5. I was home before 6:00 and spent the evening knitting and watching TV. It was a welcome respite.

Andrea picked me up on Sunday for what was supposed to be a quick trip to Omaha. We had a short list of places to hit with the goal of being as quick as possible. That all went out the window when we met Lori at Tuesday Morning to shop for yarn. After finding nothing at the first one, we hit pay dirt at the 2nd Tuesday Morning so decided to hit the third in hopes of scoring more, which we did. But when we split up, it was already after 1:00, which had been our goal to be back in Wahoo. Four shops and Aldi later, we headed back home, arriving just before 4:00. I forced myself to pick up the kitchen and start laundry before sitting down for tea and to return phone calls. I never got any cooking done but will have clean undies for the week so I'll survive. I'm totally looking forward to a normal , 5 day work week with swimming, lunches out and everything as normal as possible. What are the chances?

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