Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week 13 - Back to Swimming

It was a weird week, starting out slow, then going at breakneck speed and ending with a spurt of productivity. I could use a few more weeks like that.

I didn’t swim until Thursday, which was two weeks from when I’d last been. That meant I had the first 3 nights to head straight home, which is a luxury. You’d think I’d gotten lots done in my free evenings… not so much. I did some grocery shopping and knitted on Monday but that was about it. Oh well.

Work was busy. I trained two afternoons and had several meetings so the time flew. I had my last lunch with Layton for awhile on Thursday. (He left for 3.5 weeks in Europe on Friday.) It felt good to swim finally. I ate in the car and then stopped long enough at home to clean out the frig and bring a big bag of old produce to Lori for her chickens. Book club was at 7:00 and we had a good discussion but it made for a long day.

Nora and Randy were out Friday and Josh took the afternoon off so, of course, Mary asked for all kinds of things they’d been working on so Friday went pretty quickly until the afternoon, which was endless. The weather was gorgeous so I actually took two breaks – something I rarely do. It was wonderful to sit in the sun and knit.

Saturday was the garden expo in Council Bluffs and five of us master gardeners were going. It meant leaving Wahoo at 7:15 so I had to set my alarm like a work day. Blech. The day was good though – good sessions and now I’m done with my continuing ed for the year. Yay! I also got most of the 2nd monster sock done. I had a snack dinner and some cider and went to bed early.

Sunday was Easter but that’s been a non-event for me for years. I made a to do list in the morning and got busy, getting most of it done, including reorganizing all of my yarn and pulling everything out from under the spare bed (4 under the bed boxes and lots of shoes) in preparation for going through it with Darla next Saturday. I also managed to finish the sock, which needs to be in the mail Monday morning, and watch Argo, which was good. All in all it was a pleasant end to a nice week.

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