Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 12 - Thrifting and Knitting

It was going to be a strange week. It was spring break so there was no swimming and then even knitting got cancelled because I was the only one going. That meant I could go right home from work every day like a normal person and cook/eat dinner early. Yeah, that worked.

We were having a food day on Tuesday and I’d signed up for pie so went home Monday and baked, stopping long enough for hot dogs for dinner. I stopped at the market after work on Tuesday and it was 6:30 before I got home and put everything away so I had pasta with red sauce from the freezer. Then I did my taxes, which took the entire evening but at least they were done. It wasn’t until Wednesday that I was home before 6:00 and was able to make the cheesy cauliflower and ham I’d been wanting. Yum!

Snow was in the forecast for most of the week and it was gray and overcast when I left for work Thursday. Well, I drove into full blown snow, with bad visibility and slick roads. This is spring? I guess so because by the end of the day, it’s like it had never happened so the ride home was fine. I stopped at HyVee to pick up 99 cent eggs and found a steak fry going on so got that to go and ate half of it when I got home. At least the food thing was feeling normal-ish. And it was already Thursday night.

The work week had flown by. I had some fun with planning meetings on the Affordable Care Act (love the analysis part of my job) and then dug in on some identity management problems. FYI, that’s also fun in my world. Plus I managed to get some things crossed off my to do list. It was 5:00 Friday before I knew it. I’ll take more work weeks like this one please!

Darla and I had postponed our Goodwill trip to Omaha until better weather (there was more snow due Saturday) but hit our fave thrift shop after work on Friday. We didn’t find anything in the clothing racks but I hit pay dirt everywhere else. I got a baggie of yarn, which I didn’t look at very closely, a bunch of fun craft/house stuff and a brand new looking bread machine in my exact model so I can use the pan, whip and gasket from it and have the machine to spare. Only when I got home and pulled out the yarn did I find that it was a brand new 16 ounce skein of Mountain Colors hand dyed yarn. Retail price - $76! That’s my best thrift score in years. Maybe ever.

So with my entire weekend free and crappy weather, I could dig into just about anything. I spent most of Saturday finishing up projects and had 3 packages in the mailbox by mid-afternoon. That felt great! Good thing I got that done because the rest of the weekend was less productive. On Sunday, I decided to start a pair of mittens while I was between socks and the yarn wasn’t working for the pattern I’d picked so I decided to design my own pair. Fast forward to Sunday evening when I’d started 3 different times, switched yarns (which meant I could have gone back to my original pattern but did I? Nope.) and finally ripped it all out. I wasn’t happy that I’d killed the whole afternoon and had nothing to show for it. I should have done something else. Sheesh! Oh well, I finished watching the last season of Mad Men (love it!) while I was knitting and discovered FX’s The Americans on Hulu, which is worth checking out.

I ended the night trying to cram in a few chores and did have a pot of homemade baked beans (only because I’d set them to soak at 6:00 a.m. so had to keep going) ready by supper. I also tromped through snow to hang my sheets outside, leaving them there even when it started flurrying, so had fabulous smelling, clean sheets when I went to bed. Since the cleaning lady is coming this week, I’ll be doing a bit of neatizing every night to get ready but I will be swimming again so I guess I’ll be back to MY normal. : )

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