Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 16 - A Packing Machine!

I know, I’m sounding like a broken record but it was another busy week at work and home. With less than two weeks before Ireland and the floor refinishing, everything’s been focused on packing up.

I worked on allocations all day on Monday, ran to the Eco Store with Nora over lunch and then popped home after work only long enough to grab my knitting and the banana cream pie and head to the library. Donna and I were the first there but people dribbled in until 7:00 and we had a big group, including cousins, sisters, etc. so it was fun. Good thing it was relaxing because it was a long day.

I emailed Connie on Tuesday to ask if they were staying Sunday night too. Well, she responded asking if they could stay Thursday and I went into panic mode. My house was a wreck, with the spare room partially packed, boxes everywhere and I’d never finished up chores on the weekend so dirty dishes, unfolded laundry and the like EVERYWHERE. Since I have issues saying No at all, never mind to a good friend, I had a mini freak out. But I bucked up and said no. Are you shocked? I was but it was the right thing to do and I felt better as soon as I’d emailed. Darla and I went to Trance after work, which was fun. I hadn’t seen a movie since Lincoln.

It was a rainy day on Wednesday, which was actually nice. I had a UAAD meeting at lunch where we got a taste of the presenter who would be doing our professional development session on Thursday. Talk about energy! Thursday was going to be fun. I left work at 3:15 for the shot in my knee. I grilled the PA about wasting a shot but he reassured me and so I got the shot, which was not pleasant. I guess when I’ve had the other shots, I’ve been swollen and in so much pain that I didn’t notice. The excitement hit when the nurse was swabbing my knee and the lights went out. It was pitch black in the exam room and she kept saying, “Don’t touch your knee!” until the light came back on, which took more than a minute, which I found odd since I was in the office building attached to the hospital. Oh well. I got the shot and scored a 3 month temporary handicapped permit for campus. Yay! Then I headed out in the pouring rain to meet Nora at her new house. We walked the yard in the rain but so few things were budded out that I couldn’t identify most of the bushes. Nora had an hour to kill so we went to Taco Inn for enchiladas, after which I headed home, chilled and wet, to watch Survivor. What a day!

Thursday afternoon was the UAAD spring professional development session, so between that and working on something for Mary, the day was over in a flash. I made it to the pool for the first and only time for the week, from which I went straight to the hairdresser. I felt great when I was done there. Not only was my hair short (it had been WAY too long but I delayed so it would be short enough on my trip) but my appointments were done! All that was left was packing. Lots and lots of packing but still. With this full week, can you see why I couldn’t cope with having guests on Thursday?

With my appointments done and allocations finished, Friday felt like a freebie day. I kept working on Mary’s project, which was actually kind of fun – like a puzzle, and Nora and I went to Noodles for lunch and actually ate there and caught up. It was nice. Darla and I thrifted after work with the mission to find a sweater for Mary to unravel. When I agreed to find her one, I didn’t figure in that it’s spring (even if it doesn’t feel like it) and there aren’t many sweaters on the racks. We found one but it wasn’t ideal so after Darla and I split up, I hit three more thrift stores. I still didn’t find a better sweater but I did score a perfect all weather coat for Ireland and a shirt that has possibilities. After a stop at the market, I got home late. It was a good thing I didn’t have any weekend plans cuz I was TOAST!

I was a machine on Saturday! I finished the spare room, packing up everything that was left (quite a bit more than I’d thought was left in there) and moved all the furniture and cleaned it all. When Andrea arrived to pick up her milk, there were piles of boxes and such in the front room. I spent the afternoon taking load after load down to the basement between doing chores and then emptied the front room stuff too. By the time I finished, it was past dinner time so I had a bowl of cereal and sat down to wait for Connie and Gordy to arrive. The house was cleaner than it’d been in years and the spare room was empty and echoing. They walked in at 10:30 p.m. and we chatted until midnight.

I woke up Sunday at 6:00 but was able to fall back asleep, knowing my mountain time guests wouldn’t be up anytime soon. I got up at 8:00 and made coffee. They were up shortly thereafter and I made us ham and eggs for breakfast, which we ate while chatting. They are both such good conversationalists. I miss that. They were on the road by 10:30 and I had the laundry done and the sheets hanging on the line by noon. What to do with the afternoon? I left messages for Lori and Andrea and sat down to knit. I had just put TJ’s pumpkin soufflés in the oven to have with tea (I’d skipped lunch so was starving) when Andrea called so she came over and we chatted and knitted the afternoon away, both of us choosing yarn for the Jools Beret knit along. I made dinner after she left and settled in for a night of TV and relaxing. I had the beginnings of a sore throat and started to zicam. At least if I get a cold, it’s before the trip.

It had been a long week but I’d made great progress on the packing and was feeling good about things. All that’s left is emptying my bedroom and packing for the trip, both of which will happen next weekend. I have a few errands to run and such but nothing I can’t handle in the time left – just 10 days! Wish me luck that it all keeps going swimmingly. : )

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