Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 15 - Quitters and Slackers

What a week! Here are the highlights.

On Monday, I did something I rarely do – I swam! I left work not intending to go but by the time I started my car, I’d decided to go. It made for a long night since I went right to knitting but it’s a good thing I went because it was the only time I swam all week.

I started the big floor refinishing clean out of the spare bedroom on Tuesday night, schlepping crap down to the basement all night, working up a sweat in the process. It felt good to get started and make decent progress.

My cleaning lady called on Wednesday to quit, which is a major bummer because I’ve blown through all the cleaning ladies in Wahoo. She’ll come one more time but then the search will be on when I get back from Ireland.

I had a bad day at work on Thursday because I screwed up a number on a report and instantly went into beating myself up. I finally talked to Mary about it in the afternoon and she completely poo-poo’d it so my mood lifted but I was drained from my funk. I went home and sat like a blob. But at least I slept well that night, which was wonderful because I’d been sleeping badly all week.

I got my oil changed in the afternoon (late lunch) on Friday and made a beeline home at 5:00 because Billy was coming to start my yard work. I was going to give him the list of all the drudge work so I could do the fun stuff and the inside stuff to prep for the floors and my trip. He came with his friend Amanda, which was not a good thing because he does crap work when she’s there. They worked for half an hour and got next to nothing done but I gave them $5 each and sent them on their way. They’d be back on Sunday afternoon.

Saturday started out fun. I woke up early, talked to Carolyn and finished a pair of socks (my own pattern and my gradient dyed yarn) before I got busy. Lori was coming over to pick up chicken food (I’d cleaned out the frig) and go through sweaters so I ran to the bank and cleaned out the closet in the spare room before she came. She took all my extra sweaters (I’d gone through then and limited myself to one laundry basket full) and since we had 45 minutes until we were meeting Andrea for lunch, we sat on the deck and I introduced her to the wonders of harvesting yarn from thrift store sweaters. But as we were sitting there, the sun went in and the wind picked up. It turned into a raw day in a matter of minutes. We had a nice lunch and then I came home to countless trips up and down the stairs as I moved a closet full of scrapbooking supplies to the basement. It was too cold to do yard work so I dyed some yarn and knitted. Go figure.

It was much nicer on Sunday so I headed out before lunch to prune my roses. When I was done with that, I edged the lawn at the sidewalk since Billy and Amanda were so challenged on the driveway side. After a shower and BK for lunch, it was laundry and cooking. When Billy arrived, luckily without Amanda, I had a talk with him, telling him that the work they’d done (or not done) on Friday was unacceptable and that he had to work smarter and harder. It wasn’t pleasant but he seemed to get the message and worked hard for a couple of hours, even doing OK after Amanda showed up, and finished the front yard. I paid him for 4 more hours with his promise that he’d word them in the afternoons of the coming week. Here’s hoping. I made the ham I’d gotten last weekend for supper and started some new socks. It was a nice end to the week.

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