Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Week 3 - Down with Bronchitis

My fever was gone on Monday, so that was progress but my coughing was tearing up my lungs. I sat like a zombie all day, watching daytime tv and coughing. But at least I was sitting up and I survived the day without a nap. I hoped to feel even better on Tuesday but I didn't sleep well with all the coughing so was worse on Tuesday. More tv and no knitting for the fourth day in a row. Now that's sick!

By Wednesday I was beginning to feel human again and my cough no longer felt like razer blades in my chest. I was actually able to putter a bit and get some neatizing done, which was wonderful. Just running the dishwasher felt like a treat! And I finally picked up my knitting. Yes, I was on the mend. I set my alarm when I went to bed, intending to go to work on Thursday. Well, that was the plan but just trying to get ready left me exhausted so I decided to start with a half day and went in for just the afternoon. That was a good decision. Four hours was plenty to start.

I made it all day on Friday and lived to tell. I was dead tired by 5:00 but did manage to get quite a bit done and had a three day weekend to recoup. I had already bailed on spinning on Saturday and spent most of the day sitting and knitting. I had hoped for a productive Sunday so I could get all caught up on chores and have Monday for a project, like slogging through all the crap in the laundry room. Well, I started by taking the tree down and then moving all the furniture so I could sweep everywhere. Well, you would think I'd run a marathon! By mid afternoon, I couldn't keep my eyes open and went down for a two hour nap. So much for getting caught up. Clearly I was still not 100%. At least I had the extra day. I was going to need it.

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  1. Hi Merry - thanks for visiting Comptonia! I hope you feel 100% soon...coughing really wears you down, doesn't it? Ugh! Good luck in the drawing for the little coin purse from Mongolia :)