Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Week 1 - Happy New Year

I was starting the week on a fun note with the knitters coming over in the afternoon. I’d done all my chores on Sunday so just had some cooking and tea stuff to do. So, when Lorri called and asked if I wanted to go out to lunch at Chips, a newish restaurant in Wahoo that I’ve wanted to try, I said “Sure.” Then I stopped at the optician’s just to drop off something and ended up trying on glasses so went right to lunch from there. Chip’s was closed so we went to the Wigwam, which has great food but seemed to be lacking wait staff so wasn’t quick. After waiting 20 minutes for our check, I bailed at 1:00 and ran home with less than an hour to get everything done. SO typical.

The scones were still in the oven at 2:00 but no one seemed to mind. I mostly served stuff I’d gotten for Christmas and there was plenty. The chocolate panettone from Deanne was a big hit. By 2:30, we were enjoying yummy food and knitting in the sun. It was a lovely way to end 2012. After everyone left, I had a snacky dinner with some wine and was in bed early. No ball drop for me. I’m totally over that!

Wednesday was the last day of break. Where had the time gone? I had hoped to get the laundry room cleaned out before going back to work but couldn’t muster the energy to even start. It just seemed like a dismal way to start the new year so after I inventoried my freezers (how's that for a lame attempt at getting something done?), I spent another day knitting in the sun. Go figure.

It was back to work and monthly reports on Wednesday. They didn’t go well but we figured it all out and it made the time fly. Since there was no swimming, I went home and got some stuff done. I brought banana bread to work on Thursday, which made the boss very happy. I had lunch with Layton on Thursday and Darla on Friday. The weekend was here in a flash. You gotta love a 3 day week, right?

But get a load of how it started. I was going to hit my favorite thrift shop, alas, without Darla, on Friday. On 16th Street there was someone driving super slow in the middle lane so I passed him, a tatooed guy with a cow ring in his nose who was ON HIS PHONE. A few blocks later, I'm on O Street (Lincoln's main drag) and 2 cars in front of me someone stops to let someone get into the car. The whole string of cars stops and then I hear the screech of tires and the idiot on the phone rear ends me! Now the frantic braking worked so he was barely moving when he hit me but I got out of the car, checked the bumper (keep in mind this is rush hour on the main drag!) and screamed like a banshee "GET OFF THE PHONE!" and waved him off. Do you think he learned anything? I can only hope.

I had lots to do on Saturday – a Friends of the Library meeting, bank deposits, the bag sale at the senior center thrift and stopping at Andrea’s. After that I was going to go home and be productive. Yeah, right. I was actually feeling good about my day and had extra time before Friends so decided to prep my door prizes for the Wine & Dine. Well, in attempting to wipe down a nice bottle of wine from the wine rack (to go in the cute wine bag I had), it slipped out of my hands and smashed all over the kitchen floor. Did I mention that it was red wine? Yup! All over the floor - wine and glass. So all my spare time was taken up washing the floor. Twice. Oh well. I ran to Friends, getting there just in time and with a good story to tell. Now the question is, can I do a tax deduction for the broken bottle of wine or just its replacement? Any thoughts?

My last stop of the day was Andrea's shop and Lori was there picking up yarn. She was so hungry we could all hear her stomach so I suggested we get some lunch and when Andrea suggested Chips, which I still hadn’t tried, we all agreed. Lori and I headed there to wait for Andrea, who had a customer in the shop so couldn’t duck out early. Well, the customer, who heard our plans for lunch, didn’t leave at 1:00 so I called Andrea and told her to stop being a door mat and kick her out. She did it reluctantly and met us close to 1:30. We had a lovely lunch of fun beer and delicious food. It's practically a miracle that there's such a good restaurant in Wahoo. I need to do my bit to keep it there so plan to frequent it a lot. Anyway, after lunch, Andrea and I went to Dollar General to split the $30 required to save $5. By the time I got back home, stopping on the way in the door to chop some ice in the driveway, it was 4:00. So much for getting anything done! I had some tea and read in the sun beaming in the front windows. There's something so therapeutic about getting sunshine in winter. It makes it hard to get anything done but I'll chalk it up to a health benefit and call it good.

Sunday was chores, chores and more chores. I did manage to get some knitting and more tea and reading in but also cooked up a storm - quesedillas for lunch, a big pot of red sauce, another pot of chili and compost cookies (don't give me that look! Compost is good and these used up old pretzels and chocolate covered raisins - delicious!) So I ended the week with a frig full of food and restocked the freezer with easy meals for busy nights. How wonderful is that! Now to keep up the positive things for the rest of the year.

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