Monday, June 25, 2012

Week 26 - Loving My Friends

Last week I had a revelation. I have wonderful friends! Now I’ve always had great friends and left a bunch of keepers when I moved to Nebraska almost sixteen (!) years ago. (feels like yesterday, BTW) And while I still hold my RI friends close to my heart, they can’t go to a movie or meet me for breakfast. But in looking back at this week, I saw that I’ve finally found my peeps here in Nebraska, which took a long time. To all my friends out there, be they nearby or across the country, know that I love you all.

Monday was the usual swimming then knitting. As with many of my Wahoo friends, I met Andrea, who started the Monday Night Knitters, through the library. I was working the check out table at the library book sale, saw her scarf as she was paying and started talking knitting. The rest was history. The knitters have become close friends and I count on them for all kinds of support, not just knitting.

Tuesday after work, I met Nancy and Marge to See Peace, Love and Misunderstanding at The Ross. I met Nancy at the first library book sale, where we started talking about Birkenstocks, and before she left the sale, she’d made a stack of books that she thought I would enjoy. I knew then the friendship was a keeper. And in the it’s a small world vein, her friend Marge is the daughter of my neighbor across the street but we met through Nancy. Since Marge lives in Lincoln, we have started going to movies. This movie was good and then after Marge headed home to paint, Nancy and I went to The Red Fox for a late dinner. I didn’t get home until 10:00.

I skipped swimming on Wednesday (I had heard that the water in motion class is a nightmare while there are kids doing swimming class so we’re all crowded in the shallow end) in favor of going home right after work. I did stop at Jennifer’s on the way home to drop cat food and check in on her since I hadn’t seen her since before my England trip. It was starting to storm and I didn’t want a repeat of last week’s driving through hail so I beat it home for a night of watching True Blood Season 4. It was blissfully cool after the storm so I opened the windows and slept like a baby, which was wonderful.

Layton and I had moved out lunch to Wednesday because he’d be in Omaha on Friday. Then I had a meeting across campus until noon on Thursday so was doing lunch with Dodie on Friday instead of Thursday. I had parked at a meter though because Darla and I were going thrifting at lunch, specifically to the south Goodwill for their travelling sale. I found all kinds of sweaters – 1 for Anne Marie to frog for the yarn, 2 for Andrea to wear and a frogger and cashmere for my blanket. We had more time so headed to our favorite thrift by campus and I scored again – 2 bags of yarn, another popcorn popper for Anne Marie to roast coffee in and a couple more sweaters for crafting. The afternoon flew by and then it was swimming and a steak dinner at HyVee with some swimming friends (yet another group of friends I love.) I had hoped for a quick dinner but we got talking and the time flew. By the time I’d picked up some groceries and driven home, it was 9:00. These long days were starting to wear me out.

I had lunch with Dodie on Friday, got a ton crossed off my work to do list and then headed straight home. I was too tired to cook so had cottage cheese dip and a beer for dinner and talked to Carolyn, who was home alone recuperating from surgery. Then despite wanting nothing more than to veg, I went outside at 7:45 and mowed because it was going to be hotter than hell for the forseeable future so I did the adult thing and got busy. Sometimes being responsible sucks. Anyway, I went to bed early because Saturday morning had big plans.

I’d been trying to get together with Darla for a Connie Saturday forever. I wanted to start at the Farmers’ Market, do breakfast and then shop. Connie and I usually ended up at a matinee but Darla, who is normally a big movie goer, wasn’t up for one so we’d crossed that off. Then the weather didn’t cooperate and it was storming first thing so we started with breakfast at Cook’s Café, which is where Connie and I always went. Have I mentioned missing Connie? I should have since she left a big whole when she moved north. But I digress… After breakfast, Darla and I started shopping – Big Lots, Tuesday Morning, Dollar General, Brown’s Shoe Fit (where I surprisingly struck out trying to find brown sandals) and JoAnn’s. I bought, wait for it, more yarn – some for me, some for my swap. Mostly for me though. Yay! I got all kinds of fun stuff and was home by 2:00. Guess what I did! Yup, more sitting and knitting. Also, Andrea came over to help with a knitting deconstruction that actually took an hour and was pretty painful. Thankfully she was patient and perky about it because I would have been pissy as all get out if I'd done it alone. See? It's good to have friends.

Sunday was blazing hot but I had gotten a head start on chores Saturday afternoon so took it easy and just finished my chores and did some cooking. So after a friend and fun filled week, I’m ready for another one with my house all picked up (the cleaning lady had called to say she was coming first thing Monday so there was no procrastinating chores) and the frig full of food. I’m hoping for less on my schedule this week and getting more done on my to do list at work. Wish me luck.

And just to share a wonderful quote from one of my online friends (yarnguy716 on Ravelry – my knitting social website) – “You know, sock yarn is the yarn you buy when you’re not buying yarn. Just one little ball to take the edge off.”

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