Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 25 - Not Very Productive

It was another busy week. What else is new?

Monday was my usual slam through day – work to swimming to the library. I brought cheesecake squares to knitting (more illicit food in the library – yikes!) and it was fun, as usual. Although it was busy, it was a good day and it’s a good thing because the rest of the week was pretty non-productive.

As for work, I started the week doing an impromptu training of the new business manager in Engineering, which killed the morning, and then started the afternoon clearing off my desk, which looked like a bomb went off and was getting me down. Darn good thing because the week was super busy. It was all about Engineering – working on their allocations, meeting with them on their allocations and then more allocations. It felt like all I did all week was prep journal entries.

I had a productive evening on Tuesday, dropping off my goodwill donations (always feels good), food shopping and a dreaded Wal Mart run before heading home to prep for the cleaning lady. I’m glad I got that all done because the week went downhill from there. There was drama galore at work, most of it revolving around friends. Can’t share what but it was pretty stressful so I went home most nights and sat like a zombie. A knitting zombie but didn’t get much else done.

Unfortunately, the unproductive mode lasted into the weekend. I ran errands on Saturday morning but got nothing done beyond that on Saturday. I did finish a knitting project from my trip so at least there’s that. Then on Sunday I did manage to get a few chores done but nowhere near as much as I had on my to do list. Oh well. There’s always this week to redeem myself. I live in hope.

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