Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 24 - My Busy Life

It was a maniacally busy week at work. Nora was working mornings so she could volunteer at Farm School in the afternoons, which completely reversed my days. I often found myself waiting to grab a minute of her time just before she was leaving and then somehow scrambling to finish things by the end of the day so she’d have it first thing. Adding to that, I taught for two afternoons. It was just busy, busy, busy. So much so that I didn’t email Carolyn for a couple of days and she called me late one night to make sure I was still alive. That busy!

I had a very productive week knitting wise. I finished a test knit on a felted bag on Monday night late. I finished the main bag after getting home from the library and then couldn’t resist getting out my I-cord maker, which I’d never tried. Well, it’s a wonder! After a small learning curve, I was able to slam out 15 feet or perfect cord in about half an hour. If I had done that by hand, I would have had a foot or two in that same time. I stayed up too late doing that but it was exciting. Seriously. Then before the week was over, I made a pair of slippers for my swap and almost an entire sock. Nice.

I swam all 3 nights this past week, which felt great. After the pool on Wednesday, I met a friend of a friend to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I had never met Marge before but decided not to wait for Nancy, who had been trying to arrange something for the three of us for quite some time. So we met outside the theatre and chatted for half an hour before going in. It was a feel good movie with great characters and had the most attractive view of India I’ve ever seen, but then I mostly see the hellish parts from The Amazing Race. But more importantly, Marge and I hit it off. And in the It’s a Small World vein, her father lives across the street from me in Wahoo so maybe she’ll pop over next time she’s there.

My lunches were disrupted this week too. Dodie called Wednesday to ask if we could do lunch then instead of Thursday. We had had a breakfast for one of the accountants who is getting married so I wasn’t hungry at all but went and just had an iced coffee. I hadn’t seen Dodie in over a month so it was good to catch up. When Layton told me he wouldn’t be in on Friday, we moved our lunch to Thursday so it all worked out. On Friday, Darla and I went thrifting, which we’d been trying to do all week. I didn’t find much but it was fun.

I had a plan free weekend, which was nice. It was blazing hot so I went out first thing on Saturday to get my outside stuff done. I was dripping wet when I got in ~1:00 but all the plants were situated, my deck was cleared off (I still had piles of leaves from over winter) and the lawn was mown. I took a shower and the sitting/knitting began. I did a few chores and finished the weekend cooking, making food for the week and cheesecake squares to take to knitting on Monday. The best part was the big storm that came through Sunday night and broke the heat and humidity. I went to bed with the windows open, looking forward to a normal work week and cooler temps. Life is good!

P.S. If you want to see the 300+ pics from my trip, they’re now online here.

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