Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 23 - Normal Life Again

I woke up on Memorial Day feeling fine. I was finally sleeping through the night, not waking up super early and my cold was better. It was a good thing because Memorial Day was my designated day to plant my veggie beds. I was also hosting knitting and had invited Andrea for supper beforehand. It was time to get busy.

I baked cookies first thing then after puttering in the house for the rest of the morning, I got outside to the garden after lunch. I had three beds to prep and plant and wanted to cut down the weed trees on the edge of the garden. I plowed ahead and got that all done then mowed, finishing up at 5:15. I had enough time to shower and relax for 20 minutes before Andrea arrived. I was just nuking chicken pot pie and broccoli but it was yummy. There were four of us for knitting, which was the perfect number. I handed out the sheep pins I’d bought in England and Lori chose her thank you yarn for picking me up at the airport. Everyone left at 9:00 and I went right to bed. But since it wasn’t a normal night, the cats wouldn’t come inside so I was up a couple of times during the night trying to get them inside.

I had only gotten one work email while I was on vacation so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got to work. Either I’d be bombarded with delayed ones or my in box would still be empty. I never did get any emails but Nora and I got caught up over a lunch of Panera salads. She had felt some identity management pain on my first day gone but everything else was just business as usual. The day went along fine but I had a huge energy plummet in the afternoon. There was a Friends of the Library meeting after work but I had already emailed that I wouldn’t be there so it was just about getting through the work day. I dragged myself to my car and spent the night sitting and knitting then went to bed early. Clearly I wasn’t fully recovered yet.

My legs had been sore on Tuesday but were even worse on Wednesday. I couldn’t straighten my left knee and the back of my right leg was so stiff and tight that I was limping. I was looking forward to getting into the pool for the first time in weeks, hoping it would limber up my legs. My cleaning lady called to say she’d be there Friday morning so now I had a deadline to get the last things done in the house. I was also trying to finish a pair of socks for the end of May deadline.

It was fun to work out and tell Anne about my trip and my knees were some better on Thursday. I did finish the socks on Thursday morning but ran out of steam Thursday night so got up early Friday morning to do the final neatize before the cleaning lady. It was already Friday. Yay! It was monthly reports day and it was my best one ever. Josh and I finished most of them in one day, which felt great. I had planned to food shop on the way home but, again, ran out of energy so just went home to start my weekend, stopping at Lorri’s to water on the way home

After running errands in town Saturday morning, the afternoon found me outside again, this time planting all my containers. The weather cooperated with a cool, dry day. I set up a table in the shade and potted plants for hours, heading inside for a shower and tea when I lost my shade. I never got back outside Saturday so picked up all my planting paraphernalia Sunday before it got too hot. Heat and humidity set in so I shut the windows and turned on the AC, enjoying a normal Sunday of chores and cooking, interspersed with knitting. I stayed up too late blogging but was caught up so crossed that off my list. I still had some laundry to fold but otherwise was caught up on my chores. It felt good to be back to “normal.”

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