Monday, July 2, 2012

Week 27 - Avoiding the Heat

How happy am I? I think I’m very happy and enjoy my life but I just finished the book The Happiness Project and the take away I got from it was her question of what ACTUALLY makes me happy vs. what I think should or would like to make me happy. This lead to a lot of introspection this week. While there are many things that I can put firmly in the Yes column (friends, knitting, swimming, thrifting with Darla….) there are some surprising things in the Not Sure column (Friends of the Library and gardening, both at home and the Master Gardener thing, to name two biggies.) I spent time thinking about all this and will spend more. So, how happy are you?

It was another busy week (how many times do I blog that?) marked by blazing heat and avoiding it at all costs. The news of the day was Darla getting the job in Engineering! She will be able to start fresh away from the turmoil of her current job. ‘Nough said about that. I’m just VERY happy for her.

I was watering Nora’s containers while she was away and had planned to water before work on Monday but completely spaced so had to go after work, which meant skipping the pool. So I actually had time to do a return on the way to Nora’s then have dinner before knitting, which is always a treat (both knitting and not being hungry while I’m doing it.) Unfortunately I realized when I was leaving the library that there was probably a Friends meeting the next so had them check the calendar. Damn! I had to go home and prep a two month treasurer’s report.

Tuesday should have been my night to go right home but instead I found myself grabbing a quick dinner and rushing to the library. Then the meeting was a total waste of time. There was not a single bit of new business so it was just a rehash of things that don’t matter, e.g. that the country club was reserved for the Wine & Dine NEXT FEBRUARY! When the president wanted to schedule the next meeting, I asked why we were meeting at all during the summer (only 6 people came) and someone else brought up not liking the weeknight meetings. Yay! So our next meeting is mid-September and back to Saturdays. So the meeting wasn’t a complete waste. I’ll be happy to go back to Saturday morning meetings.

Having missed swimming Monday, I swam on Wednesday and Thursday. When I got home on Wednesday, there was a box of yarn waiting for me on my front step from a trade I did on Ravelry. I had fun sorting, caking and looking it up online while watching (although I was pretty distracted!) The Iron Lady. The yarn score was definitely more fun.

The rest of the week went by in a blur and it was the weekend. Andrea and I did an Omaha run in the blazing hot afternoon Saturday. I had cookout supplies to buy and we hit Penzey’s, TJ’s and Aldi. With all the in and out of the car and the heat, I was spent by the time we headed home. I had TJ’s dinner – sushi, baguette and cheese – with a glass of wine that hit me like a brick but when that buzz wore off, I stayed up late finishing some fugly mittens so I could cast on my July socks first thing on Sunday. I had also done most of my chores so I could knit all day .

Luckily, Andrea called and asked if I was going to dye Sunday afternoon (I’d been mentioning it for weeks.) So that spurned me on to get off my butt. She came over at 2:30 and we each dyed a skein then sat down to enjoy tea and knitting in the cool while the yarn cooled then dried on the line, making for a very pleasant afternoon. After she left, I made a chicken pot pie with Brussels sprouts (yum – total comfort food!), watched TV all night and then finished my chores. What a nice week. How was yours?

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