Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 13 - Reward for Productivity

What a productive week! (I wish I could say that more often.)

On Monday I left the house early to drop my car at Williamson Honda so they could fix the rattle from something they botched last time I had it in. Since Williamson is WAY south in Lincoln, there's nothing convenient about going there but I had no choice if I wanted it fixed free. I took the shuttle to campus and then bummed a ride back from Dodie, who lives right near the dealership. After I left Williamson, I stopped to food shop and hit Wal-Mart for watch batteries before going to Natasha's.

Natasha had invited the water aerobics gang over for a party and what a blast it was! She had tons of wonderful food, gave us a tour of her very interesting house (it has lots of art from her family's travels and Latvia, where she's from) and we all ate, drank and laughed. It was a fabulous time and we encouraged her to do it anytime. I left after 10:00, thereby guaranteeing I'd be tired on Tuesday, but enjoying the warm glow of fun with friends and the kir royale (Chambord and champagne) we'd ended the night with. I set my cruise control at the actual speed limit rather than 4 miles over and headed home. Well, I was just outside Wahoo when I got pulled over for speeding. He wouldn't tell me how fast I was going (I explained that I had the cruise set for 65) and just gave me a warning. I called it my lucky day and went straight to bed. It had been a wonderful evening.

I had stress dreams all night and was tired Tuesday but not as bad as I'd anticipated. I went to the pool, figuring I'd go right home, veg and go to bed early because there was no swimming on Wednesday (spring break week) so I'd have that night to do my taxes. I don't know where the energy came from but after dinner I started my taxes and kept plowing through until they were done. I crawled into bed late again but feeling good that they were finished and confident I wouldn't have stress dreams again.

I left work right at 5:00 Wednesday and after a quick stop for milk, was home by 6:00, which is a rarity. I went downstairs immediately to start on the last of the craft room organization. But after 30 minutes, I went upstairs to make dinner and watch Survivor. I was pretty tired so was ready to sit, feeling good that I'd done anything productive on my free night. But at 8:00 I turned to ABC to watch Modern Family and it wouldn't come in because it was windy. For some reason I have trouble with channel 7 upstairs but the old TV with rabbit ears and a converter box in the craft room gets it just fine. Figuring this was a nudge from the gods, I went back downstairs and started slogging again. I worked for another hour before calling it quits, jumping in the shower and going to bed early. I was pretty proud of myself for not taking the night off.

Thursday was another dead day on campus. While it was good for productivity, the deadness was starting to get to me so I was glad when the day was over and I could hit the pool. After a fun time, I headed home for dinner and well deserved vegging. I nuked sausage and peppers and watched 1 show when the craft room compulsion hit me again and I headed downstairs for the 2nd night in a row. Before the end of the night, I was done. Every tote, bag of fabric and box of crap had been gone through. The wall unit was organized and had several empty shelves. The fabric was sorted. Would wonders never cease? After years of being a crap depository, my craft room was finally fully operational and ready for crafting - sewing, quilting, you name it. Why I waited to do this until gardening season was about to start I can't say. All I can do is hope for rainy weekends so I can get some crafting done. If only I were one of those people who can take mental health days. Alas....

I woke up Friday to 4+ inches of heavy, wet snow on the ground. I was taking Tot the the vet at 8:00 to get her stitches out so actually got to sleep half an hour later, which was nice. I got to work at 9:00 so the morning flew by and it was time for lunch with Layton. We were headed to the Red Fox on West O when I passed a cop, oblivious as usual. He came out, lights flashing and pulled me over. I was sure he'd see the warning I got from the state cop on Monday and issue me a ticket for sure. I was bitching up a storm as I sat there, with Layton being supportive in a pain in the ass kind of way, when he handed me back my license with another warning! I was floored and very happy. Clearly their systems don't sync or I'd have gotten a ticket for sure. What a break!

Friday afternoon seemed endless! If I’d thought campus was dead before, I knew it was for sure on Friday. I was so happy when 5:00 came and made a bee line home. I made a big patch of pasta with veggies for dinner and sat down with a glass of wine to enjoy some TV. But you guessed it, I couldn’t stay away from the basement. Now that the organization was done, it was time to chose fabric for my first projects – little coin purse type things I’d found tutorials for online. I went to bed exhausted and set my alarm (yikes!) because I had an all day master gardener program on Saturday.

Lorri and Barb Hart were at my house at 7:10 Saturday morning. We got to Council Bluffs early and spent the day in sessions. Most were good and I’d brought knitting so got through the less interesting ones just fine but it was a long day. I got back home ~5:00 and sat like a zombie for the rest of the night. I did make a chore list and it was clear I had a lot to do on Sunday.

Well I can’t say I got many chores done but I did have fun. I did the bare essentials (laundry, litter boxes, trash) but spent the rest of the day downstairs crafting at last. I tried 3 different projects, starting with a small zipped bag for my knitting accessories. It came out so cute that I couldn’t stop, making a red corduroy boxy tote. Not stopping there, I made a coin purse. They were all with scrap fabric and old zippers and rick rack from my stash, which just added to the fun. I just had to show someone so drove over to Andrea’s for show and tell. She liked them too, which made me feel good. I’ll clearly be making more of these. Can’t wait!

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