Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 12 - Productive and Fun

It was nice to start the week with a day off. And since I’d accomplished my goal of getting the laundry room in order, all I really had to do was chores. But somehow I found myself downstairs again and before I knew it, I was slogging through stuff in the craft room. I spent all morning down there, finally coming up for lunch at 1:00, which was really noon so my stomach was still on old time. I spent the rest of the day alternating between chores and knitting. It being so light out messed me up and I missed getting to the post office before closing. I also had to slam to get my pie made to bring to knitting, being that it was Pie Day (3/14 for 3.14 – get it?) After knitting I brought the rest of the pie to Donna’s and went home to prep for the work week.

I had no trouble falling asleep – exhaustion will do that – so it wasn’t horrible getting up on Tuesday like it usually is after the clocks go forward. Work was busy all week so it flew. I had to force myself to go to the pool. I don’t know if it was the fact that it was so light but I just wanted to go home. It’s a good thing I went Tuesday because that was the only night I swam. Wednesday I went thrifting with Darla and then knitted at Village Inn. It was good to see the gang again. On Thursday I called my hairdresser and she was able to fit me in at 5:45 so I made a bee line to Wahoo. My hair had bypassed the Bozo look and gone straight to Albert Einstein so it was wonderful to get it all cut off. On Friday I skipped my normal food shopping and went straight home. I’m going to have to work on getting to the pool more next week.

On Saturday, I was taking Andrea out for her birthday – her choice of place and time. Spinning was on Saturday afternoon but she wanted to go to Personal Threads, our favorite yarn shop in Omaha, but they close at 3:00 so we skipped spinning and headed to Omaha after Andrea’s shop closed at 1:00. I had had another productive morning in the craft room so my backseat was loaded with Goodwill donations. I also brought my print from England that needed to be rematted so I could drop it at the framers below the yarn shop. We bought our yarn, picked up my picture (it looked MUCH better!) and headed to lunch at The Farmhouse Café, chosen because it’s next to Mangelsen’s, our next stop. They were having a yarn sale so I bought more. Sheesh! Then we dropped the Goodwill donations and did a bit of shopping. There was a mid-century modern bookshelf-ish thing for $15 but I decided against it. We hit 2 more Goodwills on the way home and I got home just before 7:00. It was a fun day and I still had Sunday for cooking and chores.

I had stayed up late on Saturday watching Survivors (a British post-apocalyptic miniseries) so slept late on Sunday. Between talking on the phone, Andrea stopping by and reading the paper, the morning was over in the blink of an eye. I had intended to spend the day cooking but ended up downstairs again. I don’t know where the motivation was coming from but I wasn’t stopping. Before you know it, phase 1 of the craft room was pretty much done but I had a bare wall, which I hadn’t anticipated. That made me think of the mid-century piece at Goodwill. I called and when they said it was still there, I got in the car and drove to Omaha to pick it up. I drove there, bought it, drove home and unloaded, cleaned and put it in the basement all in 2 hours. It’s a bit rough and will need a coat of paint (orange!) but it’s perfect for under the window and will hold lots of stuff. After a bit more arranging and a final sweep of the floor, I called it good and headed upstairs for a quick dinner of leftover frozen pizza and some TV. I hadn’t cooked a thing and had only managed one load of laundry but the craft room was well on its way to operational so I’m happy. It’ll be another week of eating out of the freezer but there are worse things. Hopefully my productivity will continue for the coming week. If it does, there’s no telling what I’ll get done. I live in hope.

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