Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 11 - Making a Dent

So, this is how I started my week. It was snowing Monday so the drive in was frustrating – mostly trying to dodge people driving too slowly in the passing lane and blocking my progress (when the road’s clear, there’s no need to drive 40 mph!) When I got to Lincoln I stopped at Starbucks and saw immediately that the manager was there because she doesn’t work the front despite it being the morning rush so there’s just one cashier and one barista. Can we spell BIG LINE? So I’m waiting, trying not to be too impatient when I swing my purse onto my shoulder and the man behind me is standing so close that my purse hits his phone, which he must have been completely absorbed in, and knocks it onto the floor where the case breaks. He stares at me dumb founded and all I can think is PERSONAL SPACE! I picked it up, expressed concern (see, wasn’t I being good?) and then bought him a coffee. Sheesh!

The day at work was one to be gotten through (I was tired and fighting cranky) but knitting was fun and I finished the last of my gift knitting when I got home. After another night of bizzaro dreams, I was tired Tuesday and decided early in the day to skip the pool and head home. My Knit Picks delivery would be waiting on my step and I was excited to start 2 at a time socks on 2 circular needles - exciting stuff if you’re a knitter. Really. I had pancakes for dinner (Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Pancake Day – all names for the last day before lent) and enjoyed a night of knitting. Plus I felted the last of my gifts and they all came out great.

Wednesday was supposed to be knitting at Village Inn, which we’d scheduled a month ago without consulting a calendar so had no idea it was Ash Wednesday. When most people weren’t going, we postponed until next week and I got to go home after the pool for another night of knitting. Yay! By this time I’d already decided I would take Monday off so I’d have a 3 day weekend to get stuff done. The week was looking up.

The work days flew by and I managed to mail one of my packages (sock yarn, a felted pod and felting needles, yarn and instructions for Debbie.) After having some kitty bonding time when campus was dead Friday evening, I food shopped and headed home for my long weekend.

I had dropped Tot at the vet Friday morning for spaying so needed to pick her up Saturday morning after running errands in town. It’s always a good thing to have a reason to be up, dressed and out to kick start the weekend. When I got home, I started going through paper and reclaimed my desk and bar, loading up the recycling bin in the process.

Sunday found me downstairs putting the laundry room back in order. I had totes of Christmas decorations and sundry other stuff that had been in the middle of the floor for a LONG time and had stuff piled on top of them. (I thought of taking a before pic but was too embarrassed.) By the time I was done, I had gone through every box and tote plus the storage shelves, the floor was clear and I had boxes to donate loaded in the car. I scrubbed the floor twice (and it could use another round) before I collapsed into a chair. I still had my chores to do but my goal of reclaiming the laundry room so I could set up my grow light and table for starting seeds was done. I ended the week, which started in iffy mode, on a high note – productive, happy and tired, but in a good way. Let's hope this productive stint stays around. I have lots more on my to do list. : )

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