Monday, April 4, 2011

Week 14 - Evaluating My Commitments

Other than having a couple of nights of bad sleep that left me exhausted and numb by Thursday, it was a normal week – knitting, swimming, blah, blah, blah. But normal for March meant more dreary weather. March was a miserable month. It felt like the sun was never out and we got snow on and off all month. Blech!

When I woke up Friday after a great night’s sleep, the world looked shiny and bright. April had arrived with sun and warmth, which couldn’t have been more welcome. It was deans’ reports day so it flew by and I headed home to prep for the weekend, joyful that spring seemed to have arrived overnight, both the weather and my mindset.

I had a Friends of the Library meeting Saturday morning to prep a treasurer’s report for plus was scrapbooking at Camp Fontanelle. I was up until 10:30 doing the report and uploading pics to Walgreens. I woke up to another gorgeous day, made a nice breakfast, loaded the car and headed out. Only 3 other people were at Friends and I had printed the wrong report after being so ahead of the game (damn!) so we weren’t doing much. I left early to make deposits, headed to Nancy’s to drop some seeds and drove to the camp, stopping to pick up my photos in Fremont on the way.

I unpacked the car, set out all my supplies and started sorting pictures for my UK trip album. After a lunch of bad chili and no dessert, I tried to dig in but the room was stuffy and hot and I was sitting right under the vent. I was clearly not into being there. Having spent so much time inside in March, all I wanted was to be outside. When the heat kicked on yet again, I grabbed my knitting and headed outside to sit in the sun, hoping inspiration would strike. But after basking in the sun and knitting for awhile, I was fighting tears at the thought of going back inside so I gave my $45 check to Dori, packed up my stuff and left. It was absolutely the right decision.

I didn’t get home until 5:00 so Saturday was shot but I got organized so I could have a productive Sunday. After a yummy breakfast and enjoying Sunday morning TV and the paper, I dug out my gardening gear and headed outside to start my gardening. I tackled the bed between the sidewalk and the street first, figuring that had the most impact, then pruned some roses and the crab apple before hitting the first bed in the backyard. By then it was getting windy (not a good time to be raking) and I was petering out. I took a restorative shower and had my favorite comfort food – a tuna melt and tater tots. Guaranteed this was a better day than I’d have had scrapbooking. After lunch I started chores and did some cooking. What a wonderful day! If I can have one of these every weekend this month, this will finally be the year when my gardens looks like they should. I can only hope.

The take away from this experience is it's time to revaluate where I'm spending my time. Mindful - isn't that my word for the year? While sitting in the sun at Fontanelle thinking about how little free time I seem to have, I decided it was time to get serious about choosing how to spend my time. That may mean changing up my workout so I have less days in the pool and so can get home in time to do some yard work. I also need to work on not offering my time so liberally, which is always my knee jerk reaction. So if I offer you help, please remind me of being mindful. It's going to be a hard change to make but I'll work on it with your help. : )

P.S. I came into work and round this Ripples in my email. How perfect! Time to start creating my life.

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