Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 44 - Weekend at Home

After the fiasco that was Sunday, I didn’t sleep well and woke up tired and cranky. My morning didn’t go well either so I left for work with no lunch packed – not good for my rotation! Then I got to work and was still feeling skeeved and could swear I could still smell the hoarder funk. I was beginning to think it was all in my head when I put my fleece on to leave for lunch and it smelled! I had thrown all my clothes in the hamper but the fleece, which had sat in my friend’s kitchen on a chair and had ended up left in my car, still smelled. This started the skeeve factor all over so, you guessed it, I had to take another shower when I got home despite needing to leave for knitting. Again, never going back there!

I had my semi-annual dentist appointment first thing Tuesday and then went to register my car. I had neglected to bring the title, which had been mailed to me separately, so had to run home again before I had my plates in hand. I had the first training of the week on Tuesday afternoon then went home to do all the chores I hadn’t done on the weekend to prep for the cleaning lady on Wednesday. And since my 2nd training of the week (#2 of 3) was at 8:30 Wednesday morning, I couldn’t leave anything for the morning. I finished washing pots and pans at 9:30 then threw together cranberry coleslaw for a food day on Wednesday (my attempt to bring something healthy.) I fell into bed exhausted but with everything done, was able to sleep soundly.

Wednesday’s training (only my 2nd time doing it after taking it over from Nora) went well but the food day blew my 1200 calorie day out of the water. I swam Wednesday night but that couldn’t make a dent in what I ate all day. Oh well. I had my last training of the week Thursday afternoon and then had an 8:00 conference call on Friday morning so for the 2nd time that week had to be at my desk on time. I tried to end the day swimming but when I was the only person to show up, I took it as a sign and headed home to start my much anticipated weekend at home. The rotation was completely off the rails so I would be spending time cooking non-diet food with the plan to do another 600/900 week soon.

I had a lovely weekend. Yay! I was under the gun to finish my October socks for my monthly challenge so got things done between bouts of knitting. Nothing was piled up because the cleaning lady had just come and it was another freakishly warm weekend so I actually spent time outside planting blackberries that Lorri had brought over (rogue plants that were invading her veggie bed) and a few perennials I’d bought in the spring. Then with no rain in the extended forecast, I actually put the sprinkler on to water my veggies and the berries. I even picked some tomatoes, peppers and parsley and there’s chard ready to pick too. Warmest fall in recent memory.

Sunday was cooking day. I started soaking navy beans first thing in the morning for Boston baked beans. It’s not fall in my world until I’ve made baked beans, which is an all day process – soaking for 8 hours, simmering for 1.5 hours then in the oven for 2.5 hours. I pulled my last RI saugies (a local hotdog) out of the freezer to go with them. I also made a big pot of Lacey’s sausage and potato soup, which was absolutely delicious. So much so that I wanted that and not the beans but decided to have a small bowl as an appetizer and still eat the saugies and beans. Delish! And I’d have yummy food for lunches and dinners all week (clearly not a rotation week.) Add that between all the chores and cooking I’d almost finished my sock project and it was a great end to the week. Nothing like a weekend at home with no obligations to recharge. : )

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