Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 43 - Home and Clean

Rachele and I were out the door at 7:00 on Monday for the long ride home, which meant it was still dark as we drove up Spearfish Canyon. We had to slow down 3 times for wildlife - deer and wild turkeys. I was happy when the sun was up and relaxed behind the wheel. We were taking a longer way home so we could stop at Brown Sheep near Scottsbluff for yarn. Nothing wrong with that. I restrained myself and only spent $50, leaving with a big bag of yarn – mostly sock but with some undyed bulky and a few other finds. We were on small highways for awhile but when we hit I-80, I could go 80. We made record time at the end of the trip, which was nice, and no speeding tickets.

I was back to work on Tuesday but started the day with a pre-retirement seminar on East Campus so I didn’t get to my desk until early afternoon. It seemed like I had just caught up on emails and it was time to leave for an eye doctor appointment I’d made a year ago. At this rate the week was flying by.

I started a rotation on Wednesday and was actually happy to be eating 600 calories. I have gained weight in fits and starts since Scotland and it was time to buckle down. I was also excited to swim again. We had a staff meeting on Thursday afternoon where Nora was given an award by HR for all her work on the FLSA project and I did indulge in one of the cookies they brought but otherwise was doing fine rotating. Layton and I did Chinese on Friday and I did fine there too. I had high hopes that I could complete a full 3 week rotation.

Andrea and I had plans for all day Sunday so I had lots to do on Saturday. But did I start in on my chores like an adult? Nope. I decided that I needed to completely rearrange my bedroom so that I could sleep on the parts of my mattress that had never been slept on so after 10+ years with the furniture in one configuration, I redid it all. But it didn’t stop there. Since I was doing all the bed linens, I decided to take down the curtains too and if I was doing the bedroom curtains, why not do the rest of the house too! So I did all the wash, including all the linens, which I then ironed. But why put up clean curtains on dirty windows so then I was washing all the windows too. By the time I was done with everything, I was bone tired and the only chore I’d managed to do was laundry. Oh well. Clean underwear is a good thing.

I picked Andrea up at 8:30 on Sunday. We headed north to visit a mutual friend at her farm and it was 2+ hours to get there. While I was looking forward to the visit and enjoyed the company, our friend is a hoarder. I was skeeved to the max but held it together until I got home, stripping as I walked in the door and getting right into the shower. I was still skeeved but at least I was clean. My clothes smelled but I covered them with a towel in the laundry basket so would be able to hold off until next weekend to wash them. I ended the day freshly showered and in a clean nightie watching PBS and putting the day behind me. Needless to say, that’s my one and only visit to her house. Cleansing thoughts……

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